Data Saving Tricks & Tips For Android 2018 – PRO Data Saving Tips

From browsing the web, to streaming videos, to using social media, there are just too many ways to burn through your phone’s data allowance. Unless you’re lucky enough to have an unlimited plan.

Now, video streaming services have gained widespread popularity, and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have also integrated video services as a mainstream appeal. It has become increasingly difficult to reduce data usage on Android.

And that’s exactly why today I will be…


  1. Been watching YouTube for a good 10 m in ns and only used 2 or 20 mb. Just use the data saver and the alerts, The Google play store auto updater to wifi only, and the youtube data saver option in the settings!

  2. No no big no… We just missed sameer voice. The iconic voice what we are used to enjoy. Pls get back. 😑

  3. You don't need to edit the voice for us to understand, it was perfectly fine before but it just sounds off now

  4. I hope you translate to Arabic…. your videos very very useful ❤

  5. Great video thanks allot these background Data app eating off my data plan

  6. In today's age when data packs are so cheap on daily basis, who is looking for such loop holes, must be for noobs

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