Dangerous Dave hacks (movement patch 20140313)

Try the mod from here:
Run DAVEHACK.EXE in dosbox.
If you are a modder and want to decompile the game, here is the Ghidra ( ghidra-sre.org ) project containing information I have been able to gather so far (the first being an import from 2014-03-13):
Download the latest .grb file, run Ghidra and select “File – Restore Project”. Happy hacking!


  1. Hi people, another update from me. As some may know, the NSA has recently released their reverse-engineering tool called Ghidra ( ghidra-sre.org ), for free. This allows many more people to mod older games easily, thanks to extensive decompilation support. I was previously planning to publish the few findings i made back in 2014, and now is the better time than ever to have imported it into Ghidra and make it available for all.

    You can find the Ghidra project files here: https://keybase.pub/steps/re/ghidra/dave/
    The earliest backup is equivalent to the Ida project from 2014-03-13.
    To install the project on your machine, run Ghidra, then choose "File – Restore Project". After that, you will be able to access the game's disassembled & decompiled code with all the things I've labelled back in 2014. We now finally have a 16-bit decompiler!
    Happy modding!

  2. Thank you for your comments, I've uploaded the executable I used in this video (link in the description). I haven't touched it for 4 years. Sorry for not doing this earlier (didn't think it would get that much attention).

    Do note, however, that this is a random patch I did back in 2014. It's not optimized (like the jump controls are a little bit messed up), so basically, some values edited and that's it. I remember doing other patches like infinite jetpack fuel and lives, however I'm not sure where they are right now (will keep you updated).

    I will later also upload the Ida database file containing my research up to that point, for other modders to make similar patches if they desire.

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