Coronavirus Prophecy – Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa (ORIGINAL)

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Plague more than Half a decade ago. Within this profound prophetic delivery, he exposes the Origins and Solution to this Global plague. Watch until the end.


  1. So it’s coming. It might be from the sea. It might kill lots and lots of people, more than any before it. Billions maybe? No – it’s not from the sea and it won’t kill billions. So you’ve got everything wrong so far. Have you got anything that makes sense on a rational level? Maybe? No?

  2. This is the first prophet of God i have believed in. Am a Ugandan, just joined Prophet Makandiwa's videos. Am just so blessed that i fail to put it in words. God bless you man of God.

  3. Praise The Lord truly The prophetic words come to Pass we shall all pray without ceasing and this virus affecting all humen race will be cured in Jesus Name forgive us Father God You are worthy to be Praised

  4. I believe God wil says something for us, that's why we're starting in prayers to ask God for forgiveness.

  5. Ebola just resurged in the Congo republic btw smh Lord help us all I believe it’s Ebola remember it started in the Nile river so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in fact Ebola COVID19 and Flus coming back up in the fall in the USA plus H1N1 is out there in Europe

  6. Alright everyone, you must see"Something's attacking these Carolina fisherman, first responders". Pull that exact title up on YouTube. As soon as I saw this I thought about Makandiwa's prophecy. Originally he said that it was going to come from the Sea. There is a plague in our waters.

  7. Glory to ur mighty precious name father God help me my children and grandchildren family and friends and neighbors to serve u forever with our life now in Jesus mighty precious name I ask of u amen lord I love u with my whole heart

  8. Let's us pray together to save the 🌎 amen i believe in god my heart and soul belong to god

  9. We need to pray together as nation, God is our only hope and he has always been … We shall conquer this disease in the name of Almighty God 🙏🙏😪

  10. I have one question to ask…is this corona virus(plague) its a warning or a test sending by God ??? Many people blame God…

  11. The work of evil won't stay, God's intervention will PREVAIL.GOD WE PRAY CURE AND HEAL THE WORLD! AMEN.

  12. god forgive us as we are searching for u god we don't now weather we are doing good for u god

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