COPPA and YouTube: Answering Your Top Questions

In this video, we’ll answer some of your top questions about COPPA, made for kids content, and the new audience setting in YouTube Studio. See below for timestamps of each question we’ll answer.

If you haven’t already be sure to watch the first video on this topic:
Check out the FTC’s recent blog post:
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  1. I mean there’s YouTube kids also, can there be a feature where you could choose you age like if your an adult you get that content
    And you could choose age 10-17 but you could also choose your age deciding if there should be comments.

  2. Oh wow thx for the shitty new tos thx for deleting history I’m so happy NOT😤😤🤬😡😡😡 thx taking down Xboxaddictionz and Master of luck and pro pepper and imtrollsive I’ve hate this new tos were “CONTENT CREATORS
    ” not were little kids watching peppa pig

  3. We (as the audience) need some way to report if something is wrongfully marked as made for kids,
    Some videos may seem as aimed at kids at first glance ,BUT they have way darker undertones as the video goes on.
    Usually the creators would just change it back, but sometimes these videos are on neglected channels(or just too old)
    Also why does making a playlist risk your privacy? (at least the private ones)

  4. Instead of putting adult and child on Youtube just make youtube for 13+ people and take everything to Youtube kids

  5. “Kids may be watching kids content”

    Oh my god what a terrifying thought-


  6. I feel like it's just a tradition that everyone dislikes every video made by youtube.

  7. You people are worthless. You're the same idiots who marked a condom commercial as made for children.

  8. I’d try to modify ‘swear’ words so some kids are safe.

    YouTubers outside America : beach are you kidding me? I don’t even live in US! Why should i have to abide by your freaking law?

    COPPA : Fook yeah. Whole world must kneel down to our American Law.

    Karens : Hahahaha. Take it. I can’t supervise my children. Its your job to make sure your website doesn’t have inappropriate content.

    YT : I did a mistake. I am guilty for this. I’d now punish people who use me.

    YT KIDS : why the fook do i exist?

    YT : i don’t know mane.

    YT KIDS : I am useless then?

    YT : Yes.

    YT KIDS – :’-(

    Well if YT kids has such boring content why not just ask everyone to release their sheet onto YTK? Cmon people. Its a braindead excuse. Just move the Kid friendly stuff onto that and ask new Youtubers to post on it. This way even PornHub would get banned because if you can’t supervise a freaking app then comes internet.

  9. If the most dumbest person on earth was in charge of YouTube then they would make better decisions than the YouTube company as a hole

  10. It's incredible that I can't comment in Avatar The Legend of Aang because absurd politics. How a war between four nations is for kids? And also, why this Coppa affects YouTube Music? It's stupid

  11. many of my subscribers' data are missing. and the numbers of my subscribers suddenly dropped, declining at the same time, why?. please help us resolve this issue. thanks.

  12. so if there is a child in the video then it is made for kids?

  13. I didn't know youtube existed until 2009 and I didn't start using it until 2012 December

    I was 15, when I was 11 kids younger than me were already aware of youtube. I didn't have internet access on my computer at the time. I usually just play Jumpstart, sponge typing, polar bowler, collapse . Parents aren't keeping an eye on their children like they use too. Its because they are their dang phone.

  14. I got my FAKE butterfly knife video tooken down for innaproptiat content, even tho in the video I showed it was fake. And it had 180views and 10likes

  15. The most annoying thing is clicking a video scrolling to the comments to see they aren't there

  16. Couldn't they litteraly make it so that accounts under 13 can't comment or all the stuff they removed

  17. This women(i know the fault isn't of her,but still): 1:311:35 .
    Also this women:we have"Youtube Kids"but no,the original plataform have to suffer too.And miniplayer turns off because yes.

    "Coppa"logic is amazing,don't you think?

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