Contributing to Android Open Source Projects with Git (Github)

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In this video I show you how to start contributing to open source android projects using Git (Github).

This isn’t your average video where I just “tell” you how to contribute. I actually fork a branch and open it on my computer.
– I create a new branch
– Make some code changes
– Then submit a pull request to the repository owner

Contributing to the open source community is a great way to improve your resume and personal…


  1. Thanks for explication. How git know what is the original forked project? In .git/ folder?

  2. Awww. Looking at the title, I was thinking this video is about how to contribute to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), turns out it's just for any general Android repositories.

  3. Thank you Mitch for spreading the awareness of being a developer must make some contribution back to the open source community.

  4. Thank you for the video, Mitch. GitHub is still a wilderness for me. :slight_smile: BTW, I forgot to mention that NetworkBoundResource in Kotlin worked quite strangely (empty list while the first opening of any category), I'd failed to find a cause, that's why I kept it in Java. I attached .kt file on Discord (projects branch) in case, if someone is interested to take a look

  5. Hey please make a podcast along with some students or professor of Canadian universities for study visa and scholarships information for Indian and Pakistani students

  6. Mitch, thanks so much for this. Your content almost feels like a personally tailored class. Can't wait to get started on the new course on your website.

  7. Along with your website do you have any application where we have access the same content

  8. Mitch I was actually considering going over this project as preparation for when you got the entire new project you are building right now which I am planning to follow. Do you think this one is still up to date has good code quality and is worth reading, or do you cover all of the things you are doing here in the new app anyway? Because if this one has something else unique to offer that your new one might not, it would be a great idea to go over it now that it exists in Kotlin as well!

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