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The Consumer Cellular 101 is a simple to use and affordable flip phone. Take a tour of this no contract cellphone with Consumer Cellular to see what it has to offer and how to get the most from your mobile device. Learn more at

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  1. When I dial a number, with each click it makes a noise (like ATMs), how can I turn this off? It annoys me so much, that I never use the phone.

  2. They "claim" they got the JD Powers award……do you research people, JD Powers received millions for the award from Consumer Celluar just like Chevrolet got for the best service award for the first 59 days after you buy one. Added to that Consumer cellular gives you a discount if you "join" AARP, a socialist/leftist organization, which tries to tell you how to VOTE. Wake up old timers, they'll get your Social Security Checks

  3. Get cell phone service from some other company. I rarely can get tech help that is any good. This is over three years of poor quality smart phones, poor quality tech support, etc. the last ZTE phone lasted 10 days before people couldn't hear me at all. I waited on hold for 35 minutes to have someone put my Samsung phone back on line (because at least the phone worked on that one) , while I was on hold on my land line again for her to call me to verify that my Samsung phone worked again (it didn't work) someone on the tech line hung up on me on my land line. To return that pile of junk ZTE phone they sent me an email saying I need to print it out on my computer. Are people actually that stupid to think that everyone has a printer with exspensive ink in it? Now I have to sit on hold again,for who knows how long , just because they hung up on me before I could tell the idiots to MAIL THE GODDAMN RETURN LABEL TO ME!!!! A SYSTEM THAT WORKS!!!!! This crap has been going on for several years. Do yourself a favor and get a phone from any other company!!!!

  4. The startup sound and keypad sounds are very loud. I notice that in the video,it is nice and quiet. How do we adjust the volume or turn off the sounds during startup and key strokes ?

  5. I bought the Consumer Cellular 101, and I saw that there is feature to add music. So I plugged the phone into my Windows 7 PC. And … nothing happened! How can I take advantage of this feature?

  6. OK, I have a couple more questions. With TracFone, I have to watch how many units I have AND how much time. If either one is due to expire, I have to add units. (1) Do I have to do this Consumer Cellular? (2) Can I transfer unused units/minutes to the Consumer Cellular 101? (3) Can I transfer contacts?

  7. If I get the Consumer Cellular 101, can I transfer my current TracFone cell phone number?

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