Connecting Your Traeger Grill to WiFi – WiFIRE Guide for Android/App | Traeger Grills

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Take your Traegering to the next level with 6-1 cooking in your back pocket with access to our entire recipe archive, the Traeger community, and the ability to shop local or online at your fingertips through WiFIRE. This how-to guide will walk you through connecting your smart phone to your WiFi enabled pellet grill…


  1. To be completely honest. I had a hard time connecting at first..but all I did was sign out and sign back in. I went to add my ironwood885 and it connected.

  2. My router is 15 ft away, open window and sliding door.. week signal is all i get..where is the wifi antenna on my silverton 650?

  3. Your system will NOT connect to my 2.4 ghz router, even when the grill is placed 10 feet away with no walls and nothing but an open window between the router and the grill. You have enough upset people who are not computer Stupid who are having exactly the same problem. Yet I hear that we are all getting the same lame instructions as if this is our problem. It's not ! fix this ! Wifi is why we bought these grills. We love your product but this is UNACCEPTABLE for such a great company.

  4. Why the hell do you all need the location of the the grill and why does that need to be sent to Traegar to use the app????

  5. There is a problem connecting the wifi. I haven't been able to use since app was updated. Traeger you need to get this fixed. I would not recommend this grill or app.

  6. Cannot connect either….why does my app want to connect to Traeger – D2CE and not the home network ??

  7. Don't forget the name you gave the grill.  Can not log on. How to recover that grill name?

  8. It isnt connecting. Wont even show my router. Do i need to be smoking the damn thing for it to connect?

  9. I cant get it to connect. I even bought a wifi extender. I'n connected to the 2.4ghz band, not the 5. Why the hell cant it connect? Im sitting here with FULL wifi bars.

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