Connect and Share Your Android Project to GitHub

How to install the git into your operating system. After that, we will share our Android project into our repository on

Download and install git-scm:

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  1. macbook nya pake macbook apa om? rencana mau hijrah ke mac,tapi belum ngerti patokan harga dan spek nya…soalnya mulai kerasa gaenaknya ngoding di jendela OS hehe

  2. Hy anggga risky your tutorials are just amazing I have suggestion please tell us how to convert our project to library and create its compile dependency

  3. As always youve been great help!

    Question: Tutorial on how to support different screen sizes?

    Problem: i build my app on my tablet and the image is placed nearly in the correct position but when build onto my phone the image is half out of the screen. Can you help?

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