Complete Guide Access OpenHAB on mobile iOS and Android

In this video I will show you and explain how to access the OpenHAB server from iPhone, iOS, Samsung and Android mobile devices. This will allow us to remotely access our Home Automation servers running openHAB 2 from anywhere in the world on our phones and mobile devices.
Order the Kits, PCBs or 3D Printed Parts to make the devices here:

Link To OpenHAB 2 access OpenHAB on Mobile (Written Guide):

Link To…


  1. Would be great if instruction videos also mentioned how things could not work and things that usually go wrong. I did everything you said but the remote server wont connect.

  2. do you enjoy sounding like your reading a school essay? I hate your voice with a passion

  3. Where/how do I create my own sitemap? My Android device only shows the default sitemap after following all the steps.

  4. Just some great videos!
    But I have a problem: Trying to make Openhab run with iOS "Home" app.. I can find the openHAB and connect, but as soon its done, it tells its not supported? 🙁

  5. Hi mate, Thanks for the amazing videos. I am currently using the raspberry pi with relays and SSH commands from my phone to run my bedroom. Looking at ur videos I think I can upgrade the base to openhab.
    In India we do not have the Amazon echo. I am planning to install it or the Google home on the raspberry pi and then sync them to openhab to have the entire automation through the raspberry pi. Please let me know if it is possible and if you can help in this direction.

  6. on you very first video of this how did you get the interface when it was on your wall next to your door like the interface was it a tablet with this app or was it and accrual product that openhab sells please help

  7. brilliant video very informative. How did you control the samsung tv the demo video? this would be brilliant is it specific to samsung ? thank you

  8. Hey great videos what tablet do you use for your wall panels? Would appreciate if you made a video on that

  9. How did you set up homekit/siri to use this? Did you have to get another pi to run homekit bridge on or what? When I try to add OH2 to homekit, it finds it, it just cant add it as an accessory.

  10. Cool videos Matt!
    Would love to see how to connect an Arduino, so i can use it to open my garage 🙂

  11. Hi, i just wanted to thank you for those great videos you produce. You're really helping me alot, cause this is my dream since few years, and i just never had the time to get the knowledge and the researches done, needed for such a project. I just started watching your videos, so please excuse if you answered my following question already in one of them, but do you know when you are coming to the part where you bind your Echo Dot into the system? Or did you already do that, and I was just too dumb to find it. However keep this great work up.

  12. You don't need to add the IP-number, you can use the machines name. It uses mDNS. Yes, MS Windows doesn't use that though.
    And you could probably use IPv6 directly without the use of

  13. hey , thanks for these amazing video's i have only one question , can you please make a full conponements list on your website (for the sensors and switches) so we can buy the parts already from china? it takes a little while before it arrives , so it would be really helpfull! thanks

  14. Hi, Thanks for making these very good videos. I like to see how to conenct to github and inporting code from other users as well as reading simple item information like thermostat temperature and sending URL to chromecast.

  15. I really like your video`s !!
    Can you also make a video about how to connect a Relay to openhab?
    I have searched everywhere on youtube but can't find 1 good video.
    (sorry for bad English)
    kind regard From The Netherlands 😀

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