Complete Flashing Guide | From MIUI To Custom Roms & Vice Versa || Redmi Note 7 Pro

This is a complete guide to flash any custom rom on Redmi Note 7 Pro. Coming from MIUI to Any Rom or the Other Way!
Do watch the video till the end and if it helps you, please consider donating a few bucks if you love what I do. 🙂

Fastboot MIUI Rom Download:

Latest firmware:

NEW OrangeFOX Recovery:…


  1. It shows No OS installed just after flashing PE. Rebooting directs it to fastboot. What I did:
    Flash Peters twrp
    Then advance wipe
    Then flash pie fw + PE (plus edition) + (fcrylt+disabler). What am I missing here. Please help

  2. tnx for tutorial i have done a mistake while i'm flashing my phone instead of clan all i choose clean all and lock also i didn't log with any account befor in the device now i"m confused if you know how to solve pls help me thanks in advance

  3. Hey brother, is it necessary to wipe data/system/vendor after formatting? Or we can skip this step?

    I received "the system has been destroyed" message after I tried to wipe system before formatting data.

    Was using Orange fox recovery, and flashing from Miui to Havoc.

  4. Hello bro, what is that latest firmware zip? Is it necessary to install it and what are its benefits?

  5. My lock screen has pattern so what pin should i enter in twrp??And if don't put any password to my phone will twrp ask for pin?

  6. This channel has the best & clearest instruction guides for flashing custom roms, recoveries. Huge respect for your efforts!

  7. on my whyred i didn't flashed Android 10..
    It's pixel experience+ rom based on Android 9 only, so after that it always showed reset phone, so I've did reset with orange fox recovery, then flashed Mi-Eu beta rom. this happens when i flash Android 10 roms like pixel experience or havoc os stuck on boot.
    Please make a video on this will help many users who stuck on boot.
    What precautions we must take..
    Like this..🙂

  8. Do we need to flash Chinese firmware before flashing pixel experience 10.0 ? Coz i read about 1000 of comments in xda in which people are saying that they are getting error.. Nd why fuck flashing custom roms getting difficult (so much confusion)..But thank you for detailed explanation ..Gonna try pixel experience 10.0 on my redmi note 7 pro

  9. I came back pe to miui rom using twrp now some sensors not working… Is this fastboot method fix that?

  10. Can I flash Darfest rom using orange fox recovery or Pitch black recovery using same method

  11. i did everything same for pixel experience but i am stuck at google logo HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @KTNTECH Very well made video. I want to avoid closed-sourced tools like mi flash tool and fcrypt disabler and peter's twrp. RN7Pro running miui 11, want to run pixel experience 10.

    1. Is the purpose of fcrypt to Just remove the prompt for pin in twrp? If i enter the correct pin and flash PE rom without fcrypt will it work fine?

    2. Can i use Official TWRP? I can't find the code for peter's twrp. It could have anything!

  13. I am using Redmi Note 7
    Instead of formatting data and installing dm verity file it's getting encrypted whenever I install havoc os. While setting up the device when the new Pin is confirmed it again asks for re entering the pin n it shows wrong pin instead of putting the correct one. The main problem is the it's not getting decrypted. Can you please help me with it🙏?

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