Complete Flashing Guide For Redmi K20 Pro! Flash Recovery | Unlock Bootloader | CustomRoms!

MI Unlock:

ADB Drivers:

OrangeFox Recovery:




Fcrypt Disabler:

Platform Tools:…


  1. Dear brother my phone is on custom ROM and I flashed immensity kernel.
    After that flashed another piexl experience + ROM phone get bootlop no other other ROM booting only 1 evolution ROM booting what to do I want to install pixel experience ROM
    Please help

  2. Sir how we can flash pixel experience plus I am on miui plz help I tried yesterday flashing pe+ I brick my device so I recovered from mi flash tool plz help

  3. after doing all this when i hit reboot device my k20 pro is stuck in fastboot and it doesnot boot into recovey what to do now
    please help i have not got any hellp yet

  4. why give multiple download links, you could have saved our time by providing single download link.

  5. Thank you …. Everything went so good and now i am using evo x rom🤩 thank you again for this tut …. Keep making such videos

  6. Help. Do I need to install this vendor and firmware alongside the Custom Rom EvolutionX?

  7. hi, im sorry if i asked this. is the twrp and orangefox the same?
    im a newbie. this is the first thing that i will do this.

  8. Bro, How can I flash Redmi k20(davinci) China to Redmi k20(davinciin) India rom?

  9. I can not unlock the bootloader, error message: no phone number associated with this account. yet I log in with my phone number. Any idea?

  10. bro after i flash twrp by mauforino and hold power button and volume up button, it not rebooting into recovery but fastboot, any suggestion ?

  11. dude can you explain this please:
    1. Under which all cases/circumstances do we flash "disable-dm-varity"
    2. what is the difference between:
    # disable-dm-varity
    # f-crypt-disabler
    # vbmeta.img
    3. difference between encrypted and decrypted device and what will be the difference in flashing roms in such devices

  12. So i flashed the ofox latest build 10.8 stable flashed it's zip again from the recovery again but every time i try to boot into recovery by holding volume up and power button i get booted into redmi recovery instead of orangefox
    Help Please….

  13. i think your finger was all the time too much left, therefore it regeistered / unlocked slowly…

  14. I got the OTA update of miui 11 but when I try to install it, it boots to twrp recovery and shows error 7.

  15. bro i have followed every steps correctly and installed all drivers. and recovery also installed showing on my pc exact like urs. but when i press volume up+power button then mi logo comes but recovedy don`t comes. I have tried multiple times also with multiple recoveries but no recovery boot screen comes.. please help..1

  16. Sir, how to revert back to stock recovery on the Indian version(raphaelin) of K20 pro ?
    I'm currently using Orange Fox recovery

    Plz help, I'm hopeless : (

  17. after flashing the rom ,it loads the boot animation and then boots into recovery, not the os.

  18. Anti rollback is enabled in redmi k20 pro? , because i have to rollback miui stable to miui 10 stock …… Anybody suggest me ..

  19. the gyroscope sensor stopped working on my k20 pro. i have tried almost all versions of fastboot as well as recovery roms for the phone and it is still not working. i have also noticed that the rear cam video isnt working either. photo mode works fine. if you could share your time and help me out it will be greatly appreciated.

  20. is it necessary to format the data? my OF did not permanently there, once i flash it the zip recovery file again in OF and succeeded i straight away boot system, then turn off my device and try to boot again to recovery but OF is missing and it goes back to mi recovery

  21. I've just got my K20 pro and I want to flash Pixel experience ROM , Can you please tell me the steps ? ( After I unlock the bootloader )

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