Civilization 6 Beginner's Guide Tutorial part 1 – First Turns and basic concepts

In this beginner’s guide to Civilization 6, we go over what to do in your first turns and what your yields are for. We also go over Eureka and Inspiration boosts, unit stats, types of resources, and how the basic underlying mechanics work.
Tutorial playlist:

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI or Civilization VI is a 4X video game in the Civilization series, developed by Firaxis Games, published by 2K Games, and distributed by…


  1. I finally just got this game on switch, your tutorial is so much better than others. The other tutorial I just tried really wasted my time lmao yours is simple and to the point. I know this video is old but thanks πŸ’™

  2. You explain things so much better than other tutorials.
    Loved it! +1sub
    Keep it going

  3. Lets see if now I can learn how to play this thing cause I'm just paying turns like an idiot lol xD

  4. Overall I'd say you lucked into one of the best starting areas I've seen. The tile surrounded by rivers would make a GREAT commercial hub. I'd harvest the rice rather than farming it. Given the amount of freshwater hexes, food shouldn't be an issue. and that spot would make a great Industrial hub. Moving to the left on your initial move would make a harbor possible as well.

  5. Had to stop watching, all the herky jerky movement from you clicking all over the map 50 times in one minute made me feel ill. It felt like someone filming who didn't know something basic like holding the camera still.

  6. Well explained, easy to follow and so far best Civ tutorial on internet. Thank you.

  7. Good video but I think you made one mistake. At 10:10 you change the food tile from 2 to 3 and say it didn't make a difference, will still take 7 turns to grow. I think that's false. You have to get the game to "update" that meter by changing the production of the city and it will refresh that number.

    Edit: lol you did this later in the vid but didn't explain why it happened

  8. I really appreciate this video. You very clearly and calmly lay it all out there for a beginner like me. You have an unusual accent, I was trying to place it. Lincolnshire? I heard elements of that northern twang, but not as strong as some.

  9. This is what happened when I played . Started up set up game and established homeland made slinger miss clicked and walked into another cities border they declared war on me and then everyone was after me. game ended after I was chased and killed by almost every A.I. In the game this game does not like me

  10. thank you for the vid i bought this yesterday aaand m way outta my element these vids are really helping πŸ˜€

  11. VeryΒ  well explained, full of details one of the best lecture I have heard.Β  Thank you so much!!!

  12. U forgot 1 thing regarding population and food. Each population u have in a city eat 2 food every turn. Lets say u have 2 population and your food income is 4 the 2 population u have are eating all food and leave nothing to grow. For your first city this is usully no problem i belive there are always a (growth tile) 3 food or more but when u start to expand look for food tiles that have minimum of 2 food. If u find a place u want but there are very little food around it u might wanna move 1 or 2 tiles away becouse if u dont have enough food your city will grow extremly slow or not at all before u can get a worker out or a granery. In the worst case (Tundra tiles) u may be forced to use trade routes to import food from another city just to grow so keep this in mind. As long as u settle on grasslands or next to a river u shouldent have a problem.

  13. Fairplay, you seem to have far more empathy than most other tutorials for people who haven't necessarily played much Civ before! So many tutorials I've come across, and they are clearly using terminology that people are just like O?O – I'm playing on Civ while your video is running in the background! Cheers mate! Subbed!

  14. Great Video dude, very well explained everything and with a good flow, you're a natural πŸ˜€

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