China, S. Korea & Japan to set history straight in textbook

Scholars from China, South Korea, and Japan are writing a new textbook to guard war history against Japanese right-wing force’s efforts to whitewash World War II atrocities. The committee has already published two books, “The Contemporary and Modern History of Three East Asian Countries” in 2005 and “A Modern History of East Asia Beyond the Boundaries” in 2012. Work on a third book has begun and is expected to be completed in 2020. Could the team’s efforts finally put an end to issues over…


  1. If the three parties can make the history facts straight, have some common understandings, and even some common forgiveness…maybe the three people can get along again.

  2. Till today, Japanese actions during WW2 continues to remain the fissure that divides our three countries and prevents full cooperation between our countries in Asia. Japanese atrocities committed during to Rape of Nanjing, Unit 731, and Korean "comfort" women continue to prevent our countries from ever forming union or organization whose goals are the interest of Asian countries, similar to European Union. Even South East Asia has ASEAN, which is organization that looks to the interest of SE Asian countries, so why can't China, Korea and Japan form an organization to suit East Asia's interests.

    Studies have shown Asians to be among most intelligent and diligent people of culture, with history stretching back thousands of years. Why can't we put aside our few differences and instead focus on the many similarities that define our people? If Asia was united, then we could definitely stand up to Europe and America, and accomplish equally amazing feats as the West.

  3. PM ABE is a Filthy Scumbag denying the history… Another Filthy Scumbag from India(MODI), they sleep together and kiss each other asses!

  4. Props to the Japanese Professor for speaking the truth and taking a stand against Abe and his government's version of made up history. We have fake news in America, Japan has fake history.

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