CHEAP 10 inch touch screen Android car radio (51 dollars)

Review of a cheap (51 dollars) touch screen 10 inch android radio from ebay,

This android radio has a 10,inch touchscreen with Bluetooth, wifi, and gps included also phone link and to usb inputs for phone or usb drive.

Running android 8.1 quadcore with 16 gb of memory this radio doesn’t have any lag and is very responsive.

Download streaming music apps through the play store view google maps watch youtube. This radio has it all !!!

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  1. Bro you showed your location on the gps settings and in the maps. You might want to cut that out.

  2. Can I pair this to my iPhone even though my iPhone has no service I only use it for music on audiomack

  3. Can you install Android Auto App from google store on it and does it work?

  4. I love these radios. I have a joying version. What year truck so you have? Trying to see how you installed it. I have an 06 ram

  5. I have an 08’ Ram 2500 I’m sure the install is similar so can you send me the link to it. I can’t find it anywhere @chuck kososky


  6. question how come my amps are on only when using the radio app but if I want to use bluetooth the amps lose the power

  7. Does it have amplifier jacks output i looking in purchasing the stereo but im installed a subs and amp lmk plz … thankz

  8. Nice video, been looking at getting one of these but it's always tricky to tell how they actually perform and look just from an ebsy ad. Lots of these cheap chinese unbranded units can be very laggy and the interface either akward to use or not very neat/polished but it looks pretty neat on this. I could imagine this becoming pretty slow if you started installing too many apps, I wonder if you could uninstall some of the pre-installed apps that dont get used to free up some memory.

  9. Nice video but you should've showed more on playstore…I'm interested in knowing what apps are available to this device…

  10. I have the same radio, but stays on when I turn the car off. Any idea how to fix?

  11. Is there a installation video out there? I have one and I cant install it. the screen is in the way of the mounting screws.

  12. Have you been able to change ANYTHING on the car settings? I've tried setting things like MPH and other settings and it just ignores me. Any thoughts?

  13. I have the same android in my car but the volume is not very high, I found the equaliser settings but are there any settings for the bass treble and fade? Iv got my volume at 30 all the time

  14. Does it have video output? I have screens in my car and im worried if they wouldnt be useable

  15. If I'm reading the specs properly it seems this head unit has mirror link capability which essentially means you can cast your entire screen from your phone to the headunit itself. This would serve two masters. 1.) The use of any app your phone already has on it, negating the need to clutter the head unit and therefore maintaining speed because there is freed up memory. and 2.) This would allow you to use the internet directly from your phone as opposed to your hotspot, which Verizon will reduce the speeds to a near crawl once you surpass 15gb or so.

  16. If you exit something does it stop whatever your playing or does it keep playing it until you start playing something else

  17. I'm more interested how you mounted it. you could've included that on the video. thanks for the upload.

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