Cast to Roku From Android Phone – How to Screen Mirror Roku From Android Device Guide Instructions

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Cast to Roku From Android Phone – How to Screen Mirror Roku From Android Smartphone Tutorial Guide Instructions Step by Step – Roku Screen Mirroring Tutorial

In this video I walk through the step by step guide tutorial instructions on how to screen mirror cast from your Android Phone to a Roku Streaming Player or Roku TV. I hope this guide was helpful. Thank you for watching!


  1. Ok so I don't have that mobile menu on my LG Premier Pro LTE. I apologize but this video was totally useless to me

  2. This guy never mention what phone he's on. Nonetheless it didn't work for the Samsung a50

  3. Every time my tablet tries to connect to the Roku, it disables the wifi. The purple screen is displayex by the Roku but it never connects. The wifi drops and the screen mirroring never starts.

  4. My roku just says always allow or never allow doesnt have past devices either

  5. Wish there was a way to stop delay so I can play my emulators to my tv because my PC is broken

  6. Awesome, it didn't show up at first but now it does. It wasn't connected to the internet. Both your phone and tv have to be connected to the same network. Thanks

  7. do you have to have an actual internet connection or JUST the wifi router? I canceled my internet but still have the wifi router. Will it work?

  8. The reason why it's not showing up is because he has a different phone so on our phones things might be labeled differently so check carefully

  9. My roku chooses when to work depending on its mood….its f**king annoying
    It even says "preparing to mirror display from oneplus 7 pro to your amazon fire tv" then decides not to connect

  10. At 2:32, I see pixelation, but mine does that sort of pixelation all the time. Is there a setting to change or something that I'm missing?

  11. To those of you saying it still wont show up. The same crap was happening to me, was going crazy trying to figure out the issue. Thought it had something to do with chromecast and Samsung. BUT I think i figured out the issue lol ok so i downloaded the youtube app on my tv and boom there my tv was on the mirrorcast.

  12. The cast button on the YouTube screen, I want to cast from THAT. That way I don't cast my whole phone, just that video & I can do other things &also turn off my screen. If I cast the whole phone, texts, phone calls, alerts etc all pop up or interfere

  13. Okay I did all of the instructions and the last one when I got it setting to see if my connection is working and when I go to casting it's not showing me and mine is connected but it not showing me nothing

  14. Ok for Samsung Note 8 you need to swipe down from the top screen and click on "Smart View"

  15. It was helpful until the point my settings were different from yours on my phone. I cant find the samsung option click to comcast to the Roku tv

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