Car Diagnostics With A Raspberry PI – DIY Smart Car (Part 3)

Shhh…can you hear it? Your car is talking. It’s saying “Make me smart, please”. It also says things like “I’m going 50 km/hr” or “My wheels are spinning at 3200 RPM”, classic stuff like that. In order to hear all the cool stuff your car has to say, you need to connect to it’s OBDII port, which all US cars made after 1996 have. Then we can just connect it to a Raspberry Pi and add it to our ever growing smart…


  1. Is there a way to connect automatically with the device and log the values into a log file? After that sending the log to a platform and create some views would be nice

  2. My friends, help me please!
    When I type sudo rfcomm bind rfcomm0 [serial number] nothing happens 🙁
    The green text cursor just moves to the beginning of the next line (without saying pi@raspberrypi: ~$) and stucks there.
    Thank you in advance!

  3. Wow this video is too clear and easy to implement. I've been checking other videos but they are very confusing talking about car ECU connection. Thanks (Y) !!

  4. hi sir i tried your command but i got something wrong about the cat /dev/rfcomm0 i cant view the content of the file also when i use the screen command when i type atz nothing happens how can i solve that problem??

  5. Hello everyone, I am trying to do this project, and I am able to do all what Tinkernut does in the video, but when I am on the Screen I can write but when I press enter to send the commands (atz, atl1, ath0, atsp0) I don't receive answer.

    It seems that the commands were not being sent.
    Please help me!

  6. Hi, Is it possible to request the information if the doors are locked or if the windows are down?

    Thanks, Mike

  7. I'm getting AT+BRSF=24 when I enter screen /dev/rfcomm0 which then exits after a few seconds. Anyone know a way around this?

  8. Hello, when ever I try to run screen, it goes blank for a second and says screen terminating…Then it quits back to terminal. How to overcome this?

  9. Thanks a lot, sounds great!!
    Is there any functional OBD Emulator to use with RPi instead of a real car?

  10. Damn it, with car diagnostics you can lock and unlock the car, start the endgine, thats damn scary

  11. I'm trying to get the USB version of this to work, but i'm having trouble finding exactly where it is. i've skipped the bluetooth and binding steps and found in dmsg that there is a tty0 and ttyUSB0 connected, but i've tried both with screen and it just terminates immediately. what am i doing wrong?

  12. I have a rasbery pi 3 full size with the case wifi and Bluetooth how can I do it with the resberain os ?

  13. For a normal guy like me just use Torque+cheap OBD adapter , a nice android app and pay for it. Cleans errors and shows you all the data you want, with a very nice UI

  14. To anyone reading this: Say you have kids and one askes if he/she can drive the car. Putting aside for a moment, the potential legality of doing this in your location, would you attach a gps device, and store (gps location, speed) data?

  15. While you are working on it, you could try to translate all error codes into human understandable language. Just all error codes, also those from the obscure car manufacturers that is. And a possibility to store this date for further use later on.

  16. When I got my Chevy Volt in 2012, I put an OBD2 bluetooth adapter on it to see what data I could read from the car using some phone apps. It worked for a few days and then my car would not start. I removed the adapter and got it to start, but it had created several faults that had to be cleared at the dealership. Apparently the increase in traffic on the network interferes with the module communications. This happens on several other Chevy models also. Be careful. BTW, I also have a Honda Odyssey, which requires a special OBD adapter, so you can't just buy any adapter for it.

  17. I'm planning a restomod 1975 Chevy Nova using a modern LSx motor – basically classic exterior, modern interior (and drive train). I'm probably using something like this to make a glass cockpit – all digital controls and displays. I'll have a pi running with the OBDII connection to collect and make these values available to the display systems.

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