Cancer Multiplayer Series ?!? | Asphalt 9 – Welcome To The Jungle Multiplayer Series

Asphalt 9 – Welcome To The Jungle Multiplayer
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  1. This is what MP used to look like 2 years ago…. no ghosting,no KD protection, no gamerules like no fuel, slipstream or ghosting and that 1 guy who does a 360 and KDs half the lobby. Ah good old memories

  2. I stayed in shockwave for almost the whole time in races in my Corvette Grand Sport in this season

  3. if this slipstream all people is ghost so no one will knock each other and bump each other that would be a good season I think

  4. IMO worst MP series ever was the first time unbreaking slipstream was introduced. All the cars had terrible accel and the platinum league cars were all super rare. You were playing with gold and silver cars and reaching legend was an absolute pain. Because of the cars in gold, I think the asterion and something similar, everyone would just get stuck in these packs where everyone was shockwaving and you would try to knock others out of bounds. I’m pretty sure it was the season right after infamous BHP_RedViper got 38k points for botting and that season was a rush one and we had hated it, so we were hoping this would be better then we got this and EVERYONE was complaining. That season had to be a year ago but I still remember it. Anyway, it’s cool to still see Pro members on YouTube. I quit the game and team a long time ago but I see that you guys are still going. Props to you man. Good luck on your Asphalt Journey.

  5. I'll say the title is an understatement.
    More like all known diseases that plagued the world till this day, in combine .
    And people worry about Corona virus.
    Guess its because they haven't played asphalt 9 lately.

  6. This season is here to remind us that there can always be a more awful mp season so we never complain about future seasons

  7. I entered this stupid season with my apollo n then i found 3 jeskos and bugatti and 2 terzos…like wtf is this matchmaking system????

  8. It was in fact weird that I can knock down easily. Also, yeah, sometimes they went toxic for me. Lol.

  9. This season is total chaos, with shockwave I can't focus very well+ the noobs, Oh BOI+ THE MATCH MAKING , again OH BOI

  10. 2:00 Meh, you got hit with a higher speed and shockwave nitro, while being on a minor nitro yourself, and nothing happens………
    Asphalt 9 is so inconsistent…
    2:28 Here again… You cheating? Agent..

  11. i used to play asphalt 8 on my IPAD, but i was banned cuz i had soo much money, I was a constant grinder and was an addict. After 2 years of playing, i was banned for no fucking reason. I was like fuck it. Never played asphalt again, until I used cheat engine to get everything I needed, which was very unethical of me, but it still hurts me ti get everything taken away from me. Me hacking asphalt 8 on my pc was for my own use only, not for multiplayer and so to get an edge on other players. People like u (asphalt 89) are lucky, they make vids and post them. Some shit happens and u get attention, asphalt gives u in-game currency. And me just sits there and grind my teeth. After all, it was very hard to get money in asphalt 8 anyways.

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