Boss Katana: Tone Studio Overview – How It Works and Setup Tips

For more Katana lessons and patches (settings):
In this lesson I go through and overview of the Tone Studio software, how it works and hopefully you’ll understand how it’s all setup and be ready to start exploring on your own… however many more lessons are on the way to help you navigate each of the effects and settings! 🙂 I’m working on them right now!

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  1. Hi Justin!
    Is it possible to change the Ch1 and Ch2 configuration – for other kind of amps – on the Tone Studio. I saw somewhere that its possible to add some other amps, like the Roland Chorus, on the Katana.

  2. I've just bought the Boss Katana 50 mkll. I see that there are 6 liveset patches in Tone Central, which I'm not interested in.

    I would love the Rock Legends Livesets but it doesn't seem possible to load them.

    Is it because they are for the previous Katana model and not for the new one? Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Can you advise?

  3. Is there a compressor Fx option? So if I want to add a compressor to get a nice squashed clean tone for country style is it there? or this unnecessary?

  4. Mr Justin…so do you connect your laptop to apmpli katana with guitar link or irig sir..?
    Or the seller give you special cable to connect laptop to ampifier.?

    Like I have laptop ACER 2014 with windows 7. And i going to buy katana boss 50. Thanks

  5. Is it possible to record silently with the power on stand by? While using headphones?

  6. when i click on the tone central ( down on the left corner) , it seems to load forever. why is that? please help

  7. I'm very late to the party. I bought the mk1 and it took me roughly 5 minutes to get it dialed in to a really awesome tone. I have ( and love ) tube amps. I finally decided to buy a 100 combo. 20 people can buy this amp and every one will be their own. Boss has really done a great job with these. I'm going to be using my Katana 90% of the time. Not only to preserve my much more expensive tube halfstack but also because they really do sound that good.

  8. On the MKII Models of both the 50 and 100W’s now have seperate knobs for booster/mod and Delay/Fx you can now combine these things without having to settle for one over the other

  9. ATTENTION all Boss Katana amp owners
    The playstore now has an app that allows you to hook your phone,iPad or tablet directly to your amp using an OTG(on the go)adapter and an A to B connector (also known as a printer cable)..the app is called "Katana Librarian" it supports Android and also let's you check it out for free before you buy the app ($7) just to make sure your phone or tablet is compatible..I don't work for playstore or own the app..I just want to make my fellow guitarists life a little easier and get the word out about this awesome app..the app is compatible with first generation Boss Katana amps and the MKII series 50 or 100 watt or 2×12 it will work

  10. Anybody watching this thinking about getting the Boss Katana 50, save yourself a lot of time and get the Fender Mustang GT 40 instead. The software process on the Katana just to set up is a nightmare! The Fender Mustang GT 40 sounds better too IMO. It has 2 stereo 6.5” speakers.Your smartphone connects to it immediately, without jumping through 500 hoops trying to download software, drivers, updates, and all that.

  11. Thanks for showing me what cable I need, and how to connect my Katana to my computer to start with.

  12. Excellent video! Thank you!
    I just got a Boss Katana Artist as a Christmas present from my wife, my daughter, and my son-in-law (they all chipped in). I downloaded all the necessary Boss software to my laptop, and the Boss Tone Studio works perfect with my Katana Artist. But I need to understand how it all works – and your video is really incredible!

  13. Semi related question: I'm thinking of getting a Katana 50 and use it as an interface with Reaper. Are they compatible?

  14. Hi Justin, If you down load the Android "Katana Librarian" app you get additional amp simulations!!!! I've got the Katana II 100 but I expect it applies to most of the range as its the same chip inside.
    Here's the full list of amp types:

    Acoustic (Variation)


    Clean (Variation)


    Crunch (Variation)


    Lead (Variation)


    Brown (Variation)

    Natural Clean

    Combo Crunch

    Stack Crunch

    Hi-Gain Stack

    Power Drive

    Extreme Lead

    Core Metal

    Clean Twin

    Pro Crunch

    Deluxe Crunch

    VO Drive

    VO Lead

    Match Drive

    BG Lead

    GB Drive

    MS1959 I

    MS1969 I+II

    R-Fire Vintage

    R-Fire Modern

    T-AMp Lead

    And then for each variation there is a Bright Switch

  15. Just got a Katana air. Most of this applies. Boss almost hit a home run, but those either/or (boost or mod)… what were they thinking? This is like a micro cube. Plus not being able to use computer is a pisser. My Vox adio and Fender Mustang Mini have that (I play at beach so need battery power).
    BUT your no nonsense get down to approach is refreshing, great job. You fill that gap. Another area Boss failed: just how to work the things, on par with some Chinese electronics: "put in batteries and use".

  16. I don't think having the master volume maxed out is a good idea. If you have 5 presets that are set to be the same volume, then one can control all five with the master volume and power control instead of having to adjust each presets volume individually. This will help one keep their sanity at gigs.

  17. I really like this amp, but the only reason I passed on it is that it's not stereo.

  18. Thank you. Thank you… THANK You! Recently bought this amp. Guess, (with the exception of a tuner pedal) I'll be selling off a mountain of effects pedals before they become obsolete. The technology built into this Boss Katana 100 is just amazing and seemingly endless. I can only hope Boss/Roland compensates you in some way for the assistance you have given us. Again, many thanks!!!

  19. This is beginning to make my Blackstar TVP look dated and I love that amp but this has so many features that I wanted on the Blackstar that even the new Silverline amps do not have.

  20. Actually the fx loop AND foot switching between banks/panels is available on the 50, not just the 100 I think

  21. Anyone know how to get help troubleshooting the Boss Tone Studio to connect to the amp? Always get a connection failure. It connected once… but no more. Would like help please. New amp, nothing wrong with USB or anything … just doesn't work

  22. If I want to replace the distortion effect in the factory settings in my Katana 100 to the Tube Screamer effect, will it remain in my amp once I have disconnected from Tone Studio ?

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