Boss Katana: Installing The Boss Tone Studio Software & Drivers Guitar Amp Lesson

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  1. I own Boss Artist and I’m pretty happy with it, but run in to unexpected problem with Tone Studio for iPad Pro!!! How do I make it work???

  2. I'm thinking about returning my katana. This process is doing my head in.

  3. I've got it to work after trying the following:
    Completely shut down my computer
    Disconnect all usb devices except for mouse and keyboard
    Turn computer back on
    Connect the amp to your computer usb and turn on the amp
    Wait a few minutes and you will see that a folder was created in your start menu titled "BOSS" and inside "Katana"

    Installing the Tone Studio comes after and is a bit more complicated

  4. Mr. do you connect the computer to katana amplifier use guitar link or irig..?
    Or the seller give you special cable to connect Laptop to ampli sir..?

  5. I had a yamaha thr amp and downloading their system to control amp on computer was 10 times easier and it worked the first time. This Boss system just will not work on windows 7 even though they have a version for windows 7. Just will not control driver keeps saying driver not found even though it is installed. Ridiculous BOSS!

  6. Thanks so so much for the assist on downloading the driver bit of this very cool program. Much appreciated.

  7. I was about to buy this amp. Big reason is obviously all pedals that are built in. After reading all these nightmare comments on installing the software I dont think I want to. My computer is sorta old. Guess I'm getting the yamaha thr 2

  8. If only it was that easy Justin. Done exactly what you have and every time I open Tone Studio it asks me to download the driver, which had already been downloaded. Many times!

  9. I’m just gonna enjoy my Boss Katana 50 without this software. I’ll be using my Boss pedals anyways. Thanks for the FYI mate. We’ll explained but complicated for some of us to download this software. Greetings from San Diego. 🏆⭐️😃

  10. hello, can someone help me, I connect the katana 50mk2 to the pc and it recognizes it and it even comes out in the sound icon, but when I open the application it always sends me that I must update it, when I try it with all the steps of the BOSS pages , when always granting the cable, I should leave the icon on the disks of the device like (C 🙂 but it doesn't come out either, does this happen to someone else, help me …?

  11. The Boss site is a mess. Nothing works as described. The Katana sounds like a fake plastic tube amp with it's factory loaded presets, but trying to change the tones with software isn't worth the hassle. All of these online Katana fan boys are being paid to rave.

  12. I purchased a Katana 50 and have been frustrated trying to set up to the boss tone studio. I have installed the driver several times removing older versions and I even purchased another USB cable thinking that was the problem. I keep getting a Katana Connection Failure message. I installed Katana Driver Ver 1.0 for Mac OS/ OSX    also the Boss tone studio for Katana  Ver.4.0 for MAC OS/ OSX  which I put in applications. Everything looks good but I am unable to control the amp through the app. I am running 10.11.6 Macbook pro. I have spent hours trying to get it to work, and would like a bit of help.  I love the amp, but really need to get this working. There really is not much information on trouble shooting this problem available. Any help in the right direction will be appreciated, at this point I don’t know where else to turn.

  13. With the Katana Air i only get the Android and IOS Download links…

  14. I has some similar problems with this. No exe file launched so I went into downloads and then extracted all the files. The set up wizard then kicked in. Seems to be ok. Going from start it was trying to deal with the zip files using some weird programme that was inapprpriate. Hope this helps someone. Can't wait to get to the next problem. 🙂

  15. The drivers are a nightmare ! To get the studio to work is far to complicated! What a nightmare

  16. 7:04 is that I can't get past. I'm on windows 10. My windows says "Check the pairing device and connecting divice again. I have a MIDID IN menu and a MIDI OUT menu. And no matter what I select, it says "wrong device".

  17. I clicked on the download for the studio software and it wont download. I keep getting "network failure" even though my internet is fine.

  18. I can’t get the ver 3 download I have to work in offline mode

  19. Easier to break into Fort Knox than download tone central. I am 74 and have limited computer skills. Maybe there in lies the problem. Hate to think that I'm excluded form
    using this amp and pedal….

  20. Why do they make this stuff so complicated? They assume that everybody is a computer expert which I definitely am not. This is why I won't buy the Katana.

  21. I have a katana 100 i play a 2009 gibson sg special that works with all tones and changes, i put in my jackson soloist completly different, volume changes, tones are completly different too, almost sounds acoustic

  22. Anyone still experiencing the driver problems should just contact the roland support. they are going to send you the driver via e-mail. had the same issues and they replied in about half a day and now everything works fine. Still don't understand why they just don't upload it to there homepage for downloading though…

  23. Windows 10 not downloading the driver automatically? It won't. With version 3.02 came a massive bug.

    You have to check Microsoft Update Catalog (google it) for the latest Roland Boss Katana drivers. It that fails, then contact Boss Roland Technical Support at 323-890-3740 (have your email address ready) and have them send you an email with the driver included (yes its an .exe file thank God!). Once you get a tech on the line it takes maybe 5 minutes.

    Don't spend hours trying to figure out what you're doing wrong if you've been following the online instructions concerning the Firmware update, "automatic download", turn off power, unplug, replug, change to 2.0 USB, yada yada yada BLEH!

    Hope this helps a lot of people because I was honestly about to take this pos back to the store I was so aggravated.

  24. I have the katana head have been using the version two for ages, now I have a combo which won't recognize version two but can I install version 3?? Given up after hours of dead ends

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