Bond Touch Bracelet Unboxing & Setup – Long Distance Relationship [CC]

James and I show how our Bond Touch Bracelets work for us.
– James is in the USA
– I’m in the UK

We bought our bracelets from the Bond Touch website and James sent mine to me individually.
They come in a pack of 2.
The have to be connected to the internet via Wifi or Data and in range of your phones Bluetooth at all times to receive the touches from the other person.
They should work alongside other Bluetooth Devices such as AirPods.

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  1. I just bought these for me and my girlfriend. She doesn’t know yet. I hope she likes it:)

  2. Hiii im super late but i wanna get these and i have a question. Do you think it effects your battery life does it drain faster?

  3. I just spent 35 minutes trying to figure out if I could get them for 3 people XD

  4. I’m buying these now for my bf because he means a lot to me but he lives three hours away from me and it’s hard but this will help so thank u

  5. I have a question. I really want one of these for me and my bff but we have emails not phone numbers can you use that too if you choose from contacts? Thx

  6. My best friend and I are going to get a bound touch bracelet and we will talk through Morse I already memorized and she is working on it when we get it it’ll have white bands and we’ll customize each others band I’m pretty excited 😆

  7. Got mine in the mail today and I'm trying to double tap mine and it isn't working? Any tips

  8. Hi! I got bond touch and everytime it says connect the bracelet to my phone it won't work, i know you wont have all the answers but its all appreciated anyways! Thanks

  9. Guys on the website u can order them single bracelets so like order a single one for your partner on their address and then buy a single one for you on your address if you guys live far x

  10. i know this is a little late but how did he send it cuz i wanna buy them but we never met eachother :(:

  11. Me and my Girlfriend need these so bad 😍 Since shes 13 hours behind since she lives in the UK and I live in New Zealand

  12. I'm getting these for my best friend of 15 years, she's moving one state over so this will be nice to have

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