Bond Touch Bracelet Review | Perfect Long Distance Present

Hi everyone! I’ll be sharing with you guys everything you need to know about Bond Touch. The perfect thing to use for LDRs. I will be showing you guys how my bond touch bracelet works. Feel free to ask any questions that are not answered in this video. Thank you!

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  1. Do you have to have Wi-Fi to use it as I want to get one but don't have mobile data to use outside

  2. Got mine in the mail and it won't even work when I touch it and I tapped it several times and nothing happened

  3. hello i know this is an old video but i had just ordered two one for me and my boyfriend my bracelet is charging but his isn’t. i has tried to switch out the chargers mine works for both. if you have any feed back please let me know asap

  4. Me and my boyfriend are thinking about getting one for each other 😀 Hope we can get them soon, thanks for your video, your comments were very useful too. 💕

  5. Thank you for the video!
    The question I'm asking myself is, how much data does it use? Like, idk 40 kB each touch or like 100 MB per month?

  6. How far can you be away from your phone for instance your in school and you walk around without your phone could you still use the bond touch?

  7. can you tell me if you can hear the vibrations? i only want to feel it not to hear it too. it would help me a lot to find out. thank you

  8. my girlfriend sent me this video a while ago and said "we nees this" I finally bought it for my girlfriend this Christmas and I hope she loves it (she lives in Utah, I live in Illinois, so not as far as most people)

  9. Can you review the "pillow talk" gadget. The gadget, which counts your partners Heartbeats

  10. Wait so one gets shipped to you and one to your lover or no?

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