Steps on connecting a compatible device to a compatible vehicle. The demo vehicle is a 2017 BMW 640i Gran Coupe. The demo device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

NOTE: Not all devices have screen mirroring capabilities. Please refer to your specific devices owners manual for device features and device specific setup instructions.


  1. Thanks for the viedo, Is there any way the mirroring works while driving? the Idea is to replicate google maps in the BMW screen. I believe there is a post from a year ago that says no but maybe something has changed since them

  2. I have BMW with screeing mirroring but I couldn’t find bmw in my Iphone to connect with ???

  3. Would it work on a 2010 750li ? I dont even have that "mirroring phone" option on my bmw idrive

  4. I have a 3 GT 330i manufactured in 2018. Screen mirroring option does not show. Is it possible to code it using Bimmercode?

  5. Pretty rare to be in a car and benefit from no car motion screen mirroring… I'd never use that unless I was stuck in a ditch waiting to be towed.

  6. I got a 435xi msport with the idrive but not the same set up :/ would I need to purchase a newer screen to get the different layout orrr?? Updaye software if even possible.

  7. Hi, thanks for the video. Any idea if this will work with a 2018 X3 that doesn't have the wifi hotspot option? Thanks

  8. Hi, thanks for the video. I have an X5M50d which has screen mirroring capability. I also have an iPhone 7 which I am trying to mirror but no joy. Is the iPhone 7 compatible to mirror to the idrive?

  9. bmw technology is pathetic beyond words. what moron at bmw decided to have different nav systems for different bmw models. my 2017 does not support this. heck it does not even support pandora which has been around for almost 10 years.

  10. Wish my 2017 X3 could do this with my iPhone. Would be nice to have the JB4Mobile gauges on the iDrive screen.

  11. I have a bmw g31 2017 is this also available in this car? Or must you have the wifi package? Thanks for your reaction

  12. I have a new BMW X4 and such option does not appear. Am I doing anything wrong? Does it belong to any package in particular? Thanks in advance folks!

  13. I can not connect to my 2016 bmw 750 for screen mirroring with iPhone 6 and car play in my car doesn't show up the icon on monitor and also need pasword for wifi to connect my phone to car !

  14. Very helpful, thank you.
    question: I take it this does NOT work with iPhone? I believe the only type of screen mirroring available with iphone is the Apple Carplay. and even with apple carplay you can't play youtube videos.

  15. Hi there, I have a BMW X5 Hybrid 2017 model. When I try to connect to screen mirroring, my phone prompt for password.I just wonder where can I find the password from? Anyway I'm using Samsung S6 edge and Iphone7 plus. Thanks!

  16. Can you use this while in motion? Not for video but for example to use the Android Auto app?

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