BMW 1 series radio quick removal refit guide + steering controls

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Video kept as short as possible but includes easy step by step instructions on how to remove your radio,plus what parts are needed for a new radio and details on steering control interface.

I am in no way held responsible for any Injury, damage of faults that arise from following this video. If unsure seek professional advice.


  1. Hello please help asap.
    Where will i get power from? I have a yellow power cable but dont know where to connect.

    Or will my new Pioneer player get power from the existings cabels/adapter? Mine does not work with just the old cabels etc.

    Does it mean i need to connect the yellow power cable to a source to get electricity?

  2. Hi PJS, great video, having an issue, I’m installing a Pioneer to BMW 1 series 2007, first issue, sound does not work but, the stereo turns on, steering wheel control works, but just no sound. Any held and advice? Please

  3. great video, did you have to chop away any plastic to fit the new facia and what cable/plug did you use…

  4. Where Start&stop botton will go? The control that you have under the air, it disappear?

  5. Hello, how did you get Accessory power. I have a 1 series 2010 model and replaced the factory stereo with a pioneer car stereo using an adapter that came with the fascia. No where was accessory power cable. Only direct power. Thanks

  6. hi , does the cp2-bm52 still allow the parking sensors to work i have the same car as in the video and noticed that car has parking sensors did they still work after instalation ?

  7. Did not get a chance over the weekend to get the to project. As well, it's been raining a great deal here in Vancouver and since my vehicle is parked outside, the rain makes it a bit more difficult. Thanks for the tip on the fuses and the offer to take a look at my issue further should I need to pull the head unit. I'll be getting to the fuses in the next day or two. Talk again soon.

  8. Thanks PJ. Appears that my audio system has an external amplifier as I called the local BMW dealer who had sold my vehicle originally. Not sure if the gear you have recommended will work with my system. BTW, I do have the basic 1 series steering wheel but I think the external amp may be an issue. Have you had experience with that? If so, please reply. Many thanks once again.

  9. PJ: Great video. I have a 2011 BMW 128i and would like to upgrade from the OEM head unit as well. It appears that I have the same BMW Professional system (Harmon Kardon) as you. Can you point me in the direction of a harness adaptor or at least the one you used for the retrofit upgrade so that I can too can use the stock amplifiers. I live in Canada and don't mind buying the necessary parts from Europe. I am only guessing that you reside in Europe. I'll check for a reply in the next week or so and thank you in advance for your assistance.

  10. Do I need a reversing sensor interface so my sensors still sound through the speakers? Where does that connect? Thanks in advance.

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