BlueStacks vs NoxPlayer PUBG Benchmark Test | Which Android Emulator Is Going To Win!

BlueStacks vs NoxPlayer PUBG Benchmark Test | Which Android Emulator Is Going To Win!

In this Windows video we will be taking a look at the 2 best android emulators on Windows and putting them to the test to see which one really does give us the best FPS and lag free when playing the newest game PUBG also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The 2 android emulators used in this benchmark video are BlueStacks + N and NoxPlayer6. I ran both emulators on the settings and also the in game…


  1. Luckily, i used BStack b4 i watched this. But thx for this video anyway. This might help people to decide their best virtual emulator. Besides, maybe u can add some PC performance spec. to determine which is capable for their PC. Once again, great content. Keep up the good work.. ~Jazen

  2. can i play pubg m on core i5 8gb ram on nox player without lag plz anyone tell mee

  3. If your watching in 2019,I will tell you don't download nox player it will lag so much and crashes everytime in my high end devices,so I do a mistake you don't.

  4. I use nox I have 8 GB ram i5 4460 and gtx 1050ti but there is a lot of lag though I have set the nox ram usage to 6 Gb and 4 core prccs.i barely get 20 FPS

  5. Nox : China company, Bluestack : USA company but i dont trust both, just buy a phone which has good spec.

  6. From my experience BlueStacks runs most games well-enough to be playable and enjoyable. Nox is really great too but like with BlueStacks it has it's issues.

  7. dude wtf man. how did you not lag with 8 core. it was stuttering so much on my ryzen

  8. I have BlueStacks and Pubg can't get past the loading screen "Starting PUBG Mobile …" . After some time the screen disappear and I am back on the "desktop" of BluStacks.
    Any idea anyone ?
    Clash Royale runs without problem.
    I see a remark in the top right, when I click on it, it says "Speed up BlueStacks. Enable hardware assisted virtualization …." Is this clickbait or a real remark ?

  9. I have an older Dell Inspiron 580, i5 650, 8GB RAM, and GeForce GT 710. Dual boot Windows 10/ Lubuntu Linux.. Windows 10 is on a spin drive, not SSD. Good enough for any of these emulators?

  10. Has anybody used Andy OS? Snapchat stories and camera doesn't work but the camera light still flashes up. Also Instagram videos don't play. Does anybody know the best emulator or better way? Other android emulators I've tried before. Snapchat didn't log in. I know my password though. Also did any other emulators update other than Bluestacks recently?

  11. u know u dont have to see around by dragging mouse.just go to key mapping and there will be a special key for shooting games which will help u to play like pubg pc

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