BlueStacks vs MEMU PUBG MOBILE Benchmark Test | Which Android Emulator Is Going To Win!

BlueStacks vs MEMU PUBG MOBILE Benchmark Test | Which Android Emulator Is Going To Win! In this Windows video we will be taking a look at 2 android …


  1. if you have a good pc and you want good mouse aim go for bluestacks
    if your pc is complete ass then use memu
    id say thats probably it.

  2. I'm surprised you can even run two of these emulators on the same computer, which means you must have a really high CPU and over 16 GB of RAM, which is not typical of most PC users that use these emulators, also Bluestacks takes much more CPU and GPU to run it by sucking power from anything it gets it's digital mits on, which also means Memu is being drained by Bluestacks. your CPU must've have been screaming this whole review its being pushed so hard, you lucky it didn't explode.

  3. i'll tell you with all of my knowledge,i recommend you ld player if you have low end pc and want to play pubg at hdr and extreme,go for ld player,but if you have mid spec pc,go for memu,its the best,but the difference between both is the fps,in ld player you'll get 36 fps or around it [based on my benchmark tests] intel hd 3000,integrated,2gb ram,intel 4150 1.80GHz ,in ld player,there's also a guide to get 60 fps,but for most users doesn't work, in memu you'll get around 45 or 56 fps,[my benchmark tests]intel hd 4400 345 mb vram,4gb ram intel 4150 3.50 GHz i hope this would be helpful to you!

  4. Bluestack sucks balls. No emulator has given me 70+ fps exept Memu and it's the best out there. Bluestacks lags too much and has no special features whatsoever. NOX was my previous choice but it doesn't give me 50+ fps. Tencent gaming buddy is worse than bluestacks, can't go over 18-25 fps. So yeah, Memu is the best.
    My laptop specs-
    nvidia geforce mx150 2 gb
    Ddr4 8 gb ram
    Intel i5

    Love memu

  5. is memu safe? because when I installed bluestacks it came with viruses
    that caused automatic repair loop and black screen of death

  6. that would have been a lot more interesting and informative if you provided commentary while the two emulators were running

  7. microphone breaks every single game on bluestacks btw, so if you consider communicating with team mates a crucial aspect of gameplay than yeah…

  8. remember, the bluestack emu on the left side, memu on the right side …. i think bs shows d'best graphic and no laggy

  9. Não concordo o emulador BlueStacks ele alem de emular android minera Criptomoeda deixando o sistema lento, e outra enquanto vc esta jogando vc ganha moedas mais porem essas moedas nunca funcionarão e nunca vc comprará nada. BlueStacks emula mais é FAKE.

  10. my tablet/PC does not support PUBGon Bluestack…….while i m running it smootlty on Memu……I have 4GB of RAM

  11. here are my banchmarks i got in pubg mobile
    nox = 40 – 45 fps max graphics
    tencent gaming buddy = 15 – 25 fps
    bluestacks = 38 – 46 fps
    memu = 54 – 60 fps
    so i guess you know who won ?

  12. The best emulator for playing PUBG Mobile is Tencent Gaming Buddy. It is the official emulator for PUBG Mobile and has a much better performance than other emulators like BlueStacks.

  13. phoenix os is the best man its not laggy at me even i have intel pentium dual core 3 gb ram and i can play mobile legends 35fps

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