BLU G9 – The $130 Android Phone

BLU G9 – The $130 Android Phone
Buy it here for $130 while supplies last, retail price $180

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  1. Blu phones are great functioning phones and are really reliable, but don't ever crack your screen as I did with my Blu Vivo XL2. No one will fix Blu phones. It is said to be more expensive to fix because you can't just fix the glass, the whole LCD screen needs to be changed and that can be more expensive than the phone it's self. Office Depot won't fix it because it's not on their list of phones, and another place I went to today doesn't fix budget phones. So, take this into consideration before buying a budget phone. It can be a one-shot thing if something goes wrong. I had mine for two years. It was a good run while it lasted.

  2. Thanx for being gentle with the cat, you were a little rough with everything else. But at least you were gentle with the cat. 👍

  3. That detail is beautiful. I just bought this phone on Amazon. I have had iPhone's many times, and I am bored with them. If anyone here judges someone by how expensive their phone is….you are living in fantasy land. I have 4 children, ex Navy Spouse, and I have Stage IV Breast Cancer. I am on a budget. I live within my means, and my savings stays intact. I pay 11 for a hair cut….and I love it. You don't need to pay hundred's of dollars to be happy. My cell phone bill is $25, while my friends complain about all their bills…..I smile. I go on a Cruise, travel, and save my hard earned money. I can't wait to get this phone. Your cat is precious. My cat…Shady Lady, we called her, just passed a few weeks ago. We miss her so much. God Bless you…..great video.

  4. The cat…. the best. Great review of a phone next to a living beautiful smart pet ever.

  5. Can someone shares experience on how to mute the start up sounds for g9?

  6. So has Blu redeemed themselves yet you think Flossy? That mess they used to put out there was just shameful for real

  7. I watched your review last year… Talking about the blu studio XL. Now you STILL Doing BLU unboxing. The loyalty is real

  8. Is there a reason you say slot funny lol did you use to call them sluts all the time lol I gotta find those vids

  9. With the cat, the Star Trek action, and Tony Soprano this is the best fucking tech review I've ever seen!!!!!! Subscribed so hard I broke my screen 🙂

  10. I got mine at Best buy for $138also to let you know don't put the screen protector on your phone right away they actually come with them my husband and I went to our local mall tosee if we could find a case the guy that sells the cases and fixes phones told us that it already has one on it when it came in the boxcame out this year of October 2019 so just letting you know so you don't waste your time lol

  11. Dude this is sick. I mean, the phone is gorgeous. If they sold them here in the Netherlands, they'd cost 300 bucks.

  12. i watched your Blu XI+ video and i love it but i'm not sure how long it will last, i already spent 130$ on a different blu vivo phone and it lasted less than a year, it stopped getting service and i had to get a new phone (samsung galaxy j7)

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