Blade & Soul Revolution Beginner Guide

Blade & Soul Revolution Beginner Guide

How to Increase CP
– Enhance Equipment
– High Grade Equipment
– Level up Skill
– Level Up
– Pet
– Runes
– Etc

How to Fast Lvl up
– Keep Increase CP & Do Main Quest + High Level Dungeon
– Use All Hrs at Spirit Tower Dungeon With High CP or Max Stats
– Farming At High Level Map Etc

How to Farm Silver
– Silver Dungeon & Spirit Dungeon
– High LvL map Materials Etc

Cash Shop
– Try to Buy Skill Point & Weight Gain Item There
– Pet
– Or Other Silver…


  1. The graphics is so lame compared to BDM. It's like those chinese look alike games released in 2005. Thought it would be the same as pc version graphics just like BDM. But meh.. I think I'll pass on this. Baby looks gameplay..

  2. i have a superior gauntlet, and it broke when i enchance it to +6, how to find another superior thing like this? and what item that should not be sell or discard? my bag is full already. dizzy….

  3. its been awhile since i watched your Lineage 2 Revo, you're still good as usual at guiding game <3 love you

  4. The Lyn race has only 1 class atm for global server. I wonder when they will release Lyn Assassins, and Summoner classes. Cuz i want to play summoner class.

  5. Hi, do u know this game's compatability? I can't search this game on play store. I am using Huawei y6 2018

  6. nice video, then u can make a video about job in the game and the skill pros and cons please

  7. I already pregistered but they didnt notify me when they release it yesterday and i cant see it on my playstore. Im using vivo y53. 😭

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