BlackBerry Z3 Android App Performance Comparison to Z30, Z10

We take BlackBerry’s new entry-level all-touch device, the Z3, and see how it performs rendering Android apps against the Z30 and Z10.


  1. My instagram has trouble in starting. An error always occured. Its suggests that i should uninstall then reinstall it. But i already do it too many times. Nothing happens. always error. Please help me. Z3 is my phone sir.

  2. Are they in same OS version? Z3 came out with 10.2.1 whereas I heard all other z series will get updates in OS. So please compare with same OS version if it was not.

  3. Don't know what is going on with your Z10, but I clicked on Instagram and it loaded MUCH quicker than it did on your Z10

  4. Why dont you compare the same apps. For example, instagram for both 2 comparisons

  5. Dude you have to do more than one app per phone and make sure the phones are just rebooted. Too many variables that could get in the way. Also I would say the z30 was faster on that one test you did. You have to test Web pages and YouTube as well to round this rest out.

  6. It's not the same instagram app. The one on the z10 has the back button while the one on the z3 not. However this z3 is really a great device!!

  7. Interesting how the Z3 is performing better than the Z10 in opening Android Apps

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