Black Shark | Best Gaming Phones for PubG Mobile

Is the Black Shark gaming phone really the best mobile for playing PubG? I’ve been testing this Xiaomi-backed smartphone with some serious PubG sessions on top HDR graphics level, to see if the speed, battery life, liquid cooling and gaming features (including the bundled joypad) make for a great experience. Here’s my review of the Black Shark’s gaming abilities, and stay tuned for a complete overview of the rest of this mobile over on Recombu (including that camera tech).

Thankfully PubG…


  1. Full review of the Black Shark gaming phone (including camera tech etc) coming soon to Recombu, and stay tuned for a full comparison with the Razer 2!

  2. Amazing isn't it,that this phone with all its top end hardware, can cost so much lower than many so called, Flagship phones that call for a thousand bucks.

  3. Does the screen recorder could record mic??? I found out that this problem since released not sure after a few updates. Is it ok??? Can record mic now???

  4. There is also black shark helo which has AMOLED dispaly and better design. Which. Is better than this

  5. I dislike designs that are clearly marketed towards gamers, not because of the target audience being gamers (i am a gamer myself), but because of how it shows that it's marketed for gamers through it's design. It feels like there is just one design that is considered "gaming" design, which i personally dislike as i really dont like the design that is considered the "gaming" design today. You see it on gaming phones, on gaming pc's, even on gaming pc components (whyyy). Why do gaming tech designers think gamers hate flat and even surfaces without a large colored logo?

  6. Very good video. Can you say me that how to I got free review phones. Please reply me.

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