Black Shark 2 – PUBG Mobile Review in Max Graphics Settings

tries out the PUBG Mobile in max graphics settings in the Black Shark 2. The Black Shark 2 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor with Adreno 640 GPU and 6GB of RAM. Black Shark 2 offers pressure sensitive display triggers, special gaming mode and custom gamer studio option.


  1. Who said I phone is better than rog 2 black Shark and red magic if u think so your a big stupid this phone r beast on gaming it's built for gaming

  2. It didnt even reached extreme fram rates on hdr one plus 7t does that and it isnt even advertised as a full fledged gaming phone

  3. im using black shark 2 also… but i have problem with the ping. it doesnt lower into 100ms unlike you whos running with 20ms only… any advice bro? i have a good wifi connection but why is that… thanks..

  4. I buy this phone in 30 thousands in flipkart 12 GB ram and 256 GB rom 😎😎😎😎

  5. ey listen hoomans don't ask why the hell he has a beast phone, because he work hard for it, he's not wasting his time by playing some games

  6. Im gettin this phone very soon. Just gonna say. Don't play on Ultra. Play Smooth or Balanced for the Best Competivtive performance, unless your phone has godly specs, ik this is good but heating problems might occur

  7. Will lowering performance add more battery life ? I bought BS 2 pro version but kinda regret it coz I don't need performance, I need battery life because the game I'm playing isnt that performance demanding. Even BS non pro version can last longer than the pro version because the pro version is an OC'ed version from non pro so of cuz it will eat more battery. PRO can only last 3h 30m while the non pro can last 5h.

    Is there any way I can downclock SD 855+ to SD 855 no oc to increase battery life ?

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