Best Wireless Microphone (for iPhone, Android, DSLR and other Cameras!)

Looking for the best wireless microphone to use with your iPhone, Android, DSLR or other camera? Here’s an overview of our top wireless mic recommendation that works with them all, the RODE Wireless GO!

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► RØDE Wireless GO: (Amazon)
► RØDE Filmmaker Kit: (Amazon)

Recommended Microphones
► RØDE SmartLav+: (Amazon)


  1. Super weird, my lavalier mic (Alvoxcon) works with the Wireless Go through my iPhone, but not my Canon Rebel T6i DSLR. Do I just need a Rode brand lavalier? Seems odd…

  2. Can it be linked to an app to record just the sound, I have a camera that doesn't have a port for a mic and really wanting to start using an external mic but not sure how I would do it

  3. Great video. Thank you. I am a bit of beginner and wonder if you could give me some advice? Do you know what hot shoe ring adapter would fit the DJI Osmo 3 abs the Rode Wireless go? Thanks

  4. We tried to do facebook live, we used phone adopter, seems like both devices works together (based on green lights/signals) but people do not hear us. Can you please list EXACTLY step by step what should we do. Maybe we missed something. Thank you very much!!

  5. Hi Justin, great vid! I'm looking to purchase two sets for the interviews and videos we'll be doing in pairs. But don't understand these TRRS to TRS.. which one I need to purchase to connect the mic to the transmitter? I've heard you mentioned it goes from TRRS to TRS but on Amazon, it says it's iPhone accessory… is it the sc3 and sc4 the same thing? And regarding the rode smart lav+ mic, is it overkill or would it be good to buy that in combo with the kit? I'm brand new in this game and would like to play it safe :). Thanks again for all the info

  6. Can I use the Receiver to connect it to an external speaker to deliver by voice recorded by RODE transmitter across the room?

  7. Thanks for the guide! -Really thorough. The only suggestion, when you have an affiliate link, is to update the mount for the new Samsung phones 🙂 i.e. S20! Thanks again for this video.

  8. NO videos on YouTube yet to address:
    iPhone + Rode Wireless Go + Interactive Live Streaming WITH audio out monitoring? Help!

    Is there a portable solution to get audio out on the Wireless Go receiver to monitor sound? (Like the new Comica has a headphone port?) A cable or amplifier setup?

    Would be really ideal to use for Zoom/FB Live/Discord/Skype to be able to hear other participants WHILE using the Wireless Go mic.

    Excellent video (Liked)! Thanks, Justin!

  9. When you unclipped the lav mic to just hear straight thru wireless built in, how were you hearing yourself to know how it sounded? When I clip in my mic I have to speak blindly as I can't hear how it sounds until after I unhook and hit playback. What am I doing incorrectly? Doing the same thing on Samsung S9 plus as well as laptop Windows 10

  10. I don’t understand the concept of this device at all/ why are you using this???? What problem are you actually solving versus a regular Rode?

  11. Hey…very educacional and well detail justo what i looking for keep ur videos do u have something about streaming?

  12. For filmning yoga classes would this røde wireless mic work? I will be moving around in the shot and sometimes turning my back to camera or lying on my belly. Im filmning with an Iphone.
    Or do you have anything els you could recommend for that?

  13. A couple questions. In your video, you have a mount you use that holds cell on one side and receiver on the other side. What mount and stand do you use.

    Second question is you said you can have multiple units running. What do you use to tie in two of these receivers into one devices so both people can be heard.

    Thanks for your help

  14. Hi. Thanks for the video. My lavalier mic is already TRRS but still when I plug it into my huawei android phone, it doesn't record and probably my phone thinks it's a headphone because it shows a headphone sign after plugging. What should I do? Please help! Thank you in advance.

  15. I have question do I can do live Facebook and streaming 30 feet a way from my phone and playing guitar and singing in same time with video streaming on Facebook on these RODE Wireless GO microphone? Or do you can test that on Facebook with review?

  16. we just bought these and they worked first time, out of the box – super sound quality. worked with the 3.5mm socket and via usb-c (2 handsets, Android variants). The quality of the built in microphone was very good, for voice.

  17. Do we can used for plying music instrument like guitar and sing with it but stay 20 feet a way from the phone?

  18. Hi there what adapters do I need for my RODE wireless GO to work with MacBook Pro?

    Thanks in advance

  19. The information about using multiple at one time is exactly what I wanted to know. It sucks you can't have multiple transmitters going to one receiver.

  20. Ty for the video, Justin! Is it possible to send multiple sets to a single iPhone?

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