Best Travel Apps!

I like travel and explore teh world and although it’s fun, it can be stressful. Here are some of my favorite travel apps for iOS and Android!

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List of Apps!

American Airlines



Hotel Tonight

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  1. He is so talking about La Guardia Int'l Airport as a Ratchet airport

  2. I use Västtrafik form my every day travles when you go by buss, tram or train (only for Gothenburg, Sweden)

  3. How about Wifi map
    It finds wifi and passwords on local areas.when you go on vacation you don't have carrier internet thats why is awsome!!

  4. Can you make a video about the pros and cons of the IPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the Samsung galaxy note 4??

  5. hey do you know any guy who would play the game that me and my friends made. I am 14 years old boy. me and my frinds are making a game. we are half done with it. so we would like a person to play our game. i would like you to reply to my comment.

  6. Nice video Keaton. Toronto, LA, Chitown and New York…….so jealous! :p

  7. great video man! too bad I don't have a trip soon to check these apps out on!

  8. Its all about Southwest Airline because every time I have flew American Air I either had a delay or crappy service but than again I only book American Air for holiday season.

  9. wow this video was really helpful theres just too many travel apps to choose from so you really helped narrow it down. btw merry christmas

  10. I gave a question for you Keaton. What is your favorite Bluetooth headset and headphone yes both or them?
    Anyone else can reply as well

  11. What about Nokia HERE maps, just released for Android and it's perfect when you go to another country and don't want to get those data roaming fees! 

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