BEST TRAVEL APPS | What's on my Phone?

My TOP Travel Apps that I use for my trips and travels. What’s on my phone?
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  1. Useful video thankyou. Komoot is a good one for hikers or photographers looking for legal footpaths. In the UK we have public footpaths, which doesnt mean a sidewalk! It means a public right of way through farmers fields more often than not and theyre everywhere, though you probably wouldnt know it unless you were a local. Grass fields with sheep or cows and normally you can barely make them out but they app shows you more or less where it runs. More obvious in summer as those running through wheat fields are actually maintained free of wheat! Farmers have to keep them access free. Found everywhere but good for hiking along the coast, in mountains like Wales, Lake District, Scotland or just around places of interest like big country house estates or around castles. Styles, gates and bridges are also provided to cross ditches, fences and walls. Komoot isnt free and shows these trails globally, viewranger is free but more for the UK. Very useful for photographers and hikers.

  2. Great suggestions, Nadine! I also have several suggestions for this community:
    – TripCase: a travel timeline logging app that one can use to record all manner of items, e.g. flights, lodgings, restaurants, and travel sights.
    – Sygic: a navigation GPS app with maps for every country in the world. Any needed countries or top-level administrative divisions (i.e. provinces, states, departments) can be individually downloaded as needed. This service regularly sells lifetime worldwide memberships at huge discounts. And like most digital services, just download the app on any device, log in, and you're good to go.

  3. My favorite app when traveling is called Air Plane Mode or Turn Phone Off……and just enjoy your travel and take in the surrounding !!!

  4. If you are an avid traveler, you will understand the importance of smartphones in the journey.

    Thanks to this beautiful portable technology, we are no longer lost in the end, there is almost no language barrier, you will not worry about where you will end up sleeping in any direction and it does not take long to get home if you need to!

    If you're a new traveler, you might be wondering where to start on Earth. Don't worry – here is a list of the top 7 apps to get started with.

  5. maps me is an amazing app i used when travelling asia, its an offline map, so handy!

  6. If your in Europe you have to use Omio. You can find bus, train or flights all at once. It’s amazing. Also Visit a City is great if you want to have the best route to all the main hot spot areas in a city.

  7. Global blue is great if you’re going to Europe from the US, Canada, and other non EU countries. It allows you to get the taxes back on certain items above a certain amount (excluding food and entertainment/sites). Each country is different, and global blue allows you to see all the participation nations, their tax back rates and the amount you need to spend in order to qualify. It also shows you all of the stores that you can get tax back from in a specific country, their location and much much more. You just have to make sure that when you’re about to ring up your items you inform the cashier that you need a tax back form.

  8. When I travel I use an app. called Agoda its has all kinds of different prices and discounts on hotels, hostels and even homes. I recently used it in Canada

  9. TripIt is my all time favourite. Add in all bookings – flights, hotels, transport, excursions etc. This app will add it to your calendar, also accesses Google Maps to show you all the restaurants, cafes, ATMs, parking etc in the area. Can add in Google maps of nearby laundromats and many more. It’s free and a way for family and friends to also access your itinerary while away. Used it for my last 4 trips and counting.
    Only 25 days until my UK, France holiday – TripIt just reminded me.
    Thx Nadine, apps are our saviour. 😄

  10. Can you do a video/ post about travel SIM cards or what you do when traveling where there is no wifi (I'm with Telus too and the roaming packages make me cringe…).

  11. If you're ever in the Phillipinnes or other southeastasian countries, you will need GRAB instead of Uber. It is the same system but for asia.

  12. I like Shebah instead of Uber in Australia it’s more safe for women and children

  13. Trip It is an app that takes your booking emails and puts them all in chronological order for your trip! Flights, hotels, experiences, etc and their addresses and your booking numbers, flight times and gates, all in one place for each trip. I’d forget half the things I book without it!

  14. Roadtrippers is an awesome app if you're, well, road tripping. It allows you to create a trip, add multiple stops along the way, can calculate your gas expenses, and will show you cool stops and restaurants and stuff along your route! It also has pre-made itineraries so you can go on an epic road trip with like… half the planning.

  15. City Mapper works in more cities than just London now (I’m moving to DC soon and it is a lifesaver there). Really an amazing app

  16. like a flight to china for $390. I feel like this is going to change my life so much. Especially now since wow airlines has pulled out.. and even then i feel like there is actually better deals on here. you are my new hero. =)

  17. oh my gosh. thank you so much for the skyscrapper tip. this is amazing. i never knew some of these places could be so cheap!

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