In this video, we’ll show you the best travel apps in ten different categories.
👉 Top 10 Apps to Book Your Flight:
👉 Top 10 Apps to Book Your Stay:

Google Maps: (iOS), (Android)
TripAdvisor: (iOS), (Android)
Yelp: (iOS), (Android)


  1. What's your favorite travel app? 🌎
    Do you have experience using one of the apps we described?
    We'd love to know, share it here 😉

  2. Hi, assuming I had done all the research, and got all my bookings, list of places to go, things to do and stuff to purchase – what are your recommendations to organize all those bookings and notes : ) is there perhaps an app for this as well?
    Thanks in advance

  3. So we are at 24 countries and have used several apps in the past. Skyscanner is a good one for tracking flights. If your in the US, we always make sure to have British Airways app due that being our main company we fly with. Great video!!

  4. Recently I have been traveling in the U.S but last year I studied abroad in the Philippines.

    Google Maps, Google Translate, and helped me out a lot! (In the Philippines)

    In the U.S Google Maps,, Youtube, Spotify, and Pandora were helpful. I'm going to look into these other apps listed. I didnt think about traveling apps until recently because I tend to be good at budgeting. Usually, me and my +1 have been going to places where there's family or a friend and we base pur trip off of what they suggest but you never have too many suggestions!

    We would use Pandora until one of us lost signal then I'd switch us to Spotify or Youtube whichever one would work faster. (For the drive time)

    Ive gone one trip with my family without google maps and that was very troubling so I highly recommend google maps.

    Google translate is limited but it can help communicate in many cases. When i was in the Philippines it didnt help only because I had to be in areas which had multiple languages which were not documented in google translate. has helped me in both the U.S and the PI and I'm very grateful for it. I have yet to pick a bad hotel due to

    I may put another comment in the future once ive used some of these apps that were listed. I'm grateful for the info that was provided

  5. I use Hopper and Airbnb. Between the two I planned my trip to Europe ( Spain,Rome,Greece,Naples, and London ) for $1,600
    Leaving from Miami.

  6. I suppose the following apps belong to "Making your trip pleasant" category. What I am looking for is a GPS controlled audio guidebook. Very handy for travelers who likes to learn about local culture and history. Maybe they should be a category of their own –

    – PocketGuide Audio Travel Guide
    – TourPal
    – TripScout
    – VoiceMap

    Any recommendation? These Apps are free, but in App purchase for each location can add up very quickly. Therefore, it is of particular interests for vacationers to have a recommendation as trying out can become very expensive. Thanks!

  7. I like Get Your guide, tripadvisor, Yelp, Trainline, Citymapper, Uber and Currency apps. For London Tube map and Heathrow Express are two I use often

  8. What about SkyScanner for flights? I have always found the cheapest flights there. And Agoda for accommodations. I've always found the lowest prices for hotels/hostels there.

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