Best PubG Phones: Testing cheap vs premium!

What are the best smartphones for gaming in 2018? You can play PubG Mobile on most Android phones and iPhones, but what is the greatest smartphone setup? We compare cheap phones with premium handsets to see if budget mobiles can still play PubGM effectively, and if there’s any difference in gameplay – as well as revealing the best features to give you an advantage.

We try gaming on all of our test phones, to see if they’re up to the task of games such as PubGM – so check out our reviews on…


  1. A quick comparison of how budget and premium smartphones run PubG Mobile. I've honestly had some good experiences with cheaper mobiles – PubGM is great at scaling back the graphics to suit those less powerful devices, without crippling players. Let me know your own experiences in the comments!

  2. BTW always set the frame rate to the highest possible I see it was set to high on that OnePlus 6 that caps to 30 unlike ultra that caps at 40

  3. Do you know what is the least required RAM and how expensive does the phone have to be to run pubg?

  4. The rog phone has a low protection from getting dropped so i prefer buy the budget phone

  5. Iphone se walmart for 150 highest graphics is insane😍😍😍😍rules of survival full graphics and high fps is a charm😍

  6. I play on a lg g5 and it looks good setting like the one plus

  7. In general. Buy a Xiaomi Pocophone f1. It's 60 fps at smooth, classic. But 50 fps at HDR, movie.

  8. I play PUBGM on vivo y53 and it works on low spec. But I'm not sure if I can play on xiaomi 6a.

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