Best PubG Phones (2019) | Greatest gaming mobiles reviewed

Review round-up of the best gaming smartphones for PubG Mobile and other Android titles like Fortnite.

Here I test out some of our favourite premium and budget phones with one of the most popular mobile games on the Google Play store. I’ve blasted through countless PubG sessions to see how these blowers hold up for performance, battery longevity and beyond. And with dedicated gaming phones like the Black Shark 2, Asus ROG Phone and Honor Play, you also get bonus features such as recording…


  1. Its not a precise review as he is playing against bots and probably didn't played for long hours

  2. With your gaming skill I don't think you can't really review gaming mechanism using those phones. Gyroscope sensitivity and touch sensitivity is very crucial for playing pubg and most importantly frame rate fluctuation during games. If you can't compare those from phones to phone that's not a review. Bad review actually. I'd rate this video one star.

  3. Ios devices are better optimized and the aim assist is like an aimbot. Almost all pro youtubers use ios device for that reason.

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