Best Professional Camera Apps For Your Android In 2020!

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1. FirstLight:
2. Manual Camera Lite:…


  1. I checked firstlight and it's not compatible with my A80… Why tho I mean my phone was just released last year? It's not yet old…

  2. Hello, I'm have issues with the Firstlight app.. I'm not able to download it either via your link or directly on playstore.. It is saying not compatible.. I'm currently using a Huawei P30 Pro..

  3. Well… Filmic Pro currently has a 3.3 rating based on the opinions of 5K veiweres which, i think, can be considered as a big enough sample size in the Play Store, and lots of bugs are reported…

  4. Can you suggest me a camera for Android which provide 30 seconds of shutter speed?

  5. I just checked the reviews of Filmic Pro, it's garbage. I don't know as I never used this application, however it maybe good and may also be very useful app for people as you're mentioning but on the other hand the reviews are telling a different story.

  6. This app can only shoot at 4k at 120mbps bitrate …. But there is a app called 'cinema 4k' that can shoot upto 4k at 200mbps … Trust me you can clearly see the difference when you zoom at 200% into the both footages . But there is no log profile in cinema 4k .

  7. Please can you make a video on how to fix because an app is obscuring a permission request on samsung a50 in accessibility settings

  8. It would be better if you could create a pixel 4 setup using nova launcher

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