Best Phones in 2019 for Each Price Segment!

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In this video we pick out the best smartphones at every budget and tell you guys the pros and cons of each, and whether you should spend your hard earned cash on them!

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Redmi Note 8 –
Vivo U20 –
Realme X2 –
Redmi Note 8 Pro –
Redmi K20 Pro –
Realme X2 Pro –
OnePlus 7T -…


  1. 15 k segment is most confusing at the moment. I bought Redmi note 8 pro yesterday and I am still not sure if I made the right choice 🙃.

  2. What about s10plus? Should I buy in feb 2020? Or wait for other devices from samsung?

  3. Ash/C4ETech team, could you please do a comparison between Note 7 Pro and Note 8? Both have their base variants at 10K. Not able to decide which one to go for.

  4. Loved that you stil didn't leave Poco phone worth every penny🤩😍😍

  5. great job with your videos. my k20 pro China variant came with an old battery right off the bat with 93% capacity instead of 100%. I've written a number of emails to customer service, but no response. can you check your battery capacity and also broadcast to your fan base on whether they experience the same old battery issue? both of my old phones are at 92 and 93% capacity, and they are 2 years old, which means they put in an old battery in my k20 pro which is upsetting. seems like I can never resolve this because customer service refused to answer my emails.I wish they could give me a new phone with a new battery because when i received this current new phone the battery capacity was already at 93%. thanks for your help

  6. Curently watching this on my redmi note 8 pro, and i got to say, its one of the best phones i have ever had, it has a really good camera, run games like a beast and doesnt even lag at all, i dont know why its cheap but its a phone that deffinatelly can beat most of the expencive phones.

  7. Again great video 👌 killer review.
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    Comment your best smartphone of the year.
    2019 is almost over and we are waiting for the upcoming gadgets of 2020.

    Image source: Flipkart and OnePlus

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  8. Hi buddy, can you suggest an Android phone with 5.8 to 6 inches screen size with latest specifications priced below 20k other than Mi A3

  9. I'm unable to get Airtel volte to work on my x2. Just wanted to check if you have tested Airtel volte on x2 and if it works fine.

  10. Ash I am using 1+ 7TPro and truly great experience. By the way how do you get this t-shirt because I am loving this GOT t-shirt too

  11. Hey ash good video like the way you put the best phones in each price segment. Great concept and agree with your top choices.

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