In this video, I go over the best device for PUBG Mobile in 2020. Comment your favorite device below! I forgot to include the Oppo Reno Ace on this list, which …


  1. I forgot to include the Oppo Reno Ace! This was my favorite phone out of the Androids because it was most similar to the iPhones. Also, I recommend watching the whole video so you can see all the pros and cons of each device to know which one is right for you because you shouldn't just use what I use (and iPhones are crazy expensive).

  2. Awesome, you just convinced me to buy an Iphone XS Max. I was contemplating either the 11 pro or the XS but now im gonna go with the XS for sure. I have been using an Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 which is a budget gaming phone and yeah it lags and has some touch sensitivity and gyro issues. Thanks again bro!

  3. U cannot say just that galaxy note 9 was good for playing PUBGM because in samsungs there are 2 variants Exynos and snapdragon. Exynos is shit overheating and dripping frames and snapdragon is better with heat and framerates. Thats why was s10+ shit because it was Exnos and Note 9 felt better because it had Snapdragon. You need to specify exactly with samsung what variant of SOC u have experience with.

  4. Imagine me that's playing on an Samsung Galaxy S5 could you just imagine the difficulties I'm having.

  5. I use Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and I fell like I am using potato with screen touch

  6. If u have very low budget go for Poco it is the best phone for competitive pubg and has the best gyro in terms of Android

  7. Pro Legends – ipad pro
    Legends – OnePlus 7T pro
    Noob Legends – Samsung Galaxy Tablet
    Noobs – Redmi K20

  8. Plus tablets have:
    -bigger resolution, and crosshair is smalled witch means its more acchrate bcuz of that tablet, so using a vector with a lasersight while being a snake is guaranteed ace rank

    -fingers dont cover that much of your screen tho

  9. If you are going competitive, better stop using iphone cuz android is used in global tournaments. Most iphone users choke in the main stage cuz they are not good in android devices.

  10. Finaly some of pros touch this theme 👍
    IOs based device's have big advantage vs all Android flagship devices bcz pubgm is optimized for IOs, Tencet need fix that and better optimize pubgm for Android devices so there is not advantage if someone using Ios or Android
    If you don't believe me experts tested it, you at home can to just go to training put identical settings, sensitivity on 1 Ios device and 1 Android device take for exp Scarl and full auto you will see that Ios vs Android has better recoll like you have no recoil hack or aim bot vs android device. Just bcz Tencet is lazy for 2 y and they didn't optimize game for Android
    Look what all content creators use or pro's(outside com) big I pads, not bcz size (there is bigger tablets like Samsung with same ram, processor…) but bcz better recoll and aim

  11. unEveN: best android vivo nex 3
    Me: Were the f*** is Red magic 3s and 5G and Asus rog 2

    Red magic 5G is not released and it has 144Hz

  12. If iPad players aren’t allowed in tournaments with phone players because no lag bigger screen and better fov why not have tournaments for iPad players only

  13. What about the new phones Red magic 5g and black shark 3 pro which are for gaming special red magic 5g which says for esports gaming.

  14. An iPhone is not always better than an Android wtf 😂
    Androids have higher performance for a way lower cost..
    My 350€ phone runs HDR at a stable 60fps XD

  15. Chill guys we all know
    Rog2 razer2 a d blackshark2 destroy others but this is what he used i guess…..

  16. For me poco f1 is best device no heat no fram drop and no freeze i having fast wifi always have 20ms

  17. Expensive best device : 11pro max
    Cheap the best device : 1+ 7pro
    Just go for these devices blindly
    And still searching for cheaper – poco fones are great

  18. Bro why every competitive player play on iphone??? Is there any lag issue on Android high end phones?? I want to buy a one plus Device… Is one plus good for gaming??

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