Best Mobile Video Settings With No Lag In Fortnite Battle Royale

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  1. iPhone ram is slow iPhone X 3 ram and 11 is 4 ram still lagging because it is iPhone. I am not hating on iPhone. I have iPhone X and it is slow and lagging as hell my internet is 100mb so internet isn’t my problem . iPhone just suck when it comes to Fortnite.

  2. My iPhone 7 gets hot after 10min of Fortnite. Tried replacing the battery but it didn’t help. Any help??

  3. When I am playing my battery goes down to like 85% or 75% and starts lagging for some reason, its an iPhone 7 Plus and my internet isn't a problem, for others this doesn't happen unless the battery is really lower, so how do I fix this?

  4. Can someone please help me I want to restart my iPad min4 but I can’t forgot passcode please need help immediately

  5. hey! first i want to say it is a nice video 🙂 i have a very big problem! i play fortnite battle royale on an iPhone 6s… if i want to change sth in the settings, i click then to save, but later in the game it is not available. i mean it doesn‘t save. i don‘t understand why but i really try to do this since 1 month. i can‘t play fortnite it is always lagging i want to change the quality to auto, it saves, but in the game it is again low can you help me please it is everytime so i can do nothing i deleted the game and downloaded it again but it is always the same thing…. i cannot save settings

  6. I had fortnite at first and it was running smooth and then I deleted it and got it again and that’s when I started lagging.

  7. I have iPhone 6s 128gb and only 800 pics bc I put most on google photos but the games hitches for like 1 second and trust me a lot can happen in 1 second so what do I do??

  8. i am actually on iPad Pro but it lags sometimes but when I have no batteries I use the 6s plus

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