Best iPhone & Android Mount & Tripod 2020

Looking for the best iphone or android mount and tripod in 2020? Look no further Ulanzi is the best. (affiliate)

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  1. Sir, can I have one? For starting out for my new Channel, don't know where to start without nothing, I'm new, let's just say a beginner, thanks Sir Brian G…

  2. I spent half a lifetime the other day searching for a good quality phone holder, mostly due to a near phone/coffee disaster. I took a break from Amazon to watch this video… wouldn't you know it. That mount from Ulanzi is EXACTLY what I wanted. Hope it's OK, but I had to put a card linking to this video on my latest effort. Thanks Brian for saving my phone from another near dunking.

  3. I would love to see you sell a graphics and sound pack similar to what you use in your videos. They are awesome

  4. Fancy phone mount! Hey Brian, I have a really weird thing happening to my channel. I have several recent videos that have had massive views, one has over 48,000 views in just three days, I'm used to getting about 3,000 to 4,000 views. The weird thing is that my ad revenue is not going up and I lose 80% of the viewers after 30 seconds. I found out that my videos are being features on my Google home page on my phone. When you scroll past them you get a quick 30 second preview of the video with no sound. I actually get credit as a 'view' for this preview but since no ads are playing I don't get any money, took me awhile to figure it out. The views in the last 48 hours are usually about 20,000 across my entire channel, in the last few days they have jumped up to 60,000 plus views, but no extra money and no extra subscribers, looks like this is all from the Google 'preview'. Really weird. And Socialblade usually lists about half my actual money, now they are showing an incorrect number almost double what I'm actually making. CRAZY

  5. Thanks for the video, problem with it though. It’s difficult to see all the black attachments on the dark background, just saying.

  6. The Shure setup is overrated and overpriced. I have a similar setup and the components only cost me about $70.

  7. A lot of the handheld tripods come with a phone mount but forget about fitting an iPhone X R with a protective case in them. A good mount with a shoe mount on top for a light or a mic is a must have.

  8. Hey BJG, Looks like the ticket. When I got the iPhone pro a month ago I had the first one you showed. It was wire. I began to use and IT SNAPPED ONTO my phone and cracked my phone. Luckily I had the insurance. ($200). But now I will buy the one you showed. Thanks Friend. 🌴Aloha

  9. Awesome share. I really like that that it has a cold shoe on it. That is the one thing I couldn't find in a good phone mount. For my backpacking videos, weight is important so I picked up the Pedco UltraPod I Tabletop Tripod. It is super light weight and has a built-in velcro strap so I can hook it to a tree limb, trekking pole, fence post, etc. to get some nice shots.

  10. Thanks for the tips. I'm a mobile content creator and I always looking for great equipment to have or use

  11. I've made a few off-the-cuff vlogs lately based on trending topcs, and I think I definitely need to look into a tripod, mount and mic, as it'd make them look better 🙂

  12. Hey Brian, have you heard of Shoulder Pod for phones? If you have, have you tested it? FYI; the screw mount is a 1/4-20 thread.

    Thank you for your time and effort in producing these great and informative videos.

    BTW, I currently use the Ulanzi mount you showcase in this video. It is a really good, solid mount, I like it.

  13. Ha, yup, i've used my Manfrotto tripod and ulanzi mount to watch the football in the kitchen while making dinner.

  14. A plastic mount doesn't sound that bad, but I guess if you got a expansive phone you might want the aluminum one. Feels like your expensive phone is better protected. The plastic one should be durable enough to hold the weight of your phone. But when it doesn't and your phone drops you will regret not buying the aluminum mount. Nice video.

  15. It's so freaking affordable I was thinking it's was like $80-$150… It's the cost of a solo restaurant meal

  16. I am using Ulanzi for a while. I can agree is is the most best mount i ever have hold in my hands.

  17. Ulanzi gets my vote though I use mine on a tripod.. as I don’t do any of dat walkin n talking stuff. Just realised today that I can have a light above phone. Doh!

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