Best Gaming Phone: Top 10 Android Phones for Gamers 2018

What makes a great gaming phone? If you’re a gamer, what phone should you get? The best gaming phone is a mixture of many elements: high end flagship performance for pushing the highest quality graphics, big vibrant display to take in all the action, excellent stereo speakers for thumping sound, large battery for prolonged gaming sessions, an attractive design would be nice too, and of course a reasonable price tag. Taking all these into consideration we’ve listed our top picks for the top…


  1. I got a sony xz premium! Give performance like a beast! As it got 6 gigs of ram and snapdragon 845! Cool enough for gaming tho! πŸ™‚

  2. Let mee tell you guys these phones are super expensive buy redmi note 8 it is a good phone and have alots of good features and it is cheap

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