Best Custom ROM For Playing Pubg Mobile

Best PUBG Mobile Gaming Android Rom
Get More FPS With this Rom
Official Pie Superior OS for Redmi Note 4 Mido And many Other Phones Like Santoni And more is this best Gaming Rom ?
| Full Review | Game of Roms| PUBG Smooth
This is A PUB Mobile Gaming Android Rom

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Download Superior OS:-
How to Install Superior…


  1. I was expecting you to play the PUBG Mobile game you said works well, The app isn't even on the phone so how would you know??

  2. stock is still the best for those phones that can't be unlocked

    rip v11 pro should've bought poco f1

  3. compare the stock rom vs this rom?? antutu, play and compare askjdhadfshjkhjkahkjadshjkadshjad tard

  4. Hey man. Could you please tell me what's the GPU and CPU default frequencies? Would be really helpful . Ty in advance.

  5. Do you have a ROM for playing a pubg game?

    Asus zenfone lite l1
    Cpu snapdragon 425
    Ram 2gb

  6. "Superior OS" vs "R.R OS" which is better gaming experience (my phone – redmi4 2gb I'm using right now "R.R OS" give good gaming performance) this link in description for all device or specific.

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