Best CHEAP Smartphone Accessories for Video

Quick review of 3 cheap smartphone tripod adapters and mounts. This video also covers a great budget microphone and light for creating videos with your android or iPhone. ****** What is the best all-around camera for YouTube in 2019? Check out my TOP 2 picks in this new video ➡️

This video is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which mean if you buy something we’ll receive a small commission.

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  1. Hello guys can you please help to grow my channel im just new to try to grow my channel please help me guys

  2. Thank you! You're are awesome! I've been extremely motivated by all the information these past few day.

  3. Hello, what adapter should I use with this mic with a Galaxy S20? Thanks

  4. What is the name of the lighting panel you show in the more proper set up? I can’t find it in the description

  5. Just you all know…this man is the real stinking' deal! His content is amazing. I am currently a part of his YouTube Influencer Challenge and it is amazing! Thank you Sean. The fact that you talk so well of your team and let them play their role as well as talk openly about your faith makes me trust you even more. Thankful for you bro! Keep making a hug difference

  6. Hi Sean.Thanks for sharing all the information. I joined your channel a few weeks a go and I'm learning so much. Thanks a lot.

  7. What is a good portable gimbal/tripod that can hold a microphone adapter and light for a DSLR camera????

  8. I didn't see anything about the light you mounted. Not the ring light the other one. That's why I clicked. 😥

  9. I'm a singer and I'm trying to find the cheapest best way to do a video of myself singing ,using my backing tracks.
    Tried using my cell phone while I'm using a PA and backing tracks
    The sound reproduction is terrible.
    Any advice on equipment please

  10. A noob starting YouTube in 2020, thanks so much for sharing this. Amazingly helpful!

  11. Its 3 am now..I will sleep..I need to watch it later. Can someone comment on it, so I an reminded to watch this video later? Thanks and good night <3

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