Best budget phones in 2020

We round up the best affordable phones that money can buy, with all of their pros & cons.

#7 LG Stylo 5
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#6 Sony Xperia 10
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#5 Nokia 7.2
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#4 Moto G7
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#3 Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
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#2 Samsung…


  1. None of them sadly are better than getting an old flagship
    Get a lg v40, better than every phone listed in everything (apart than camera of 3a but still very close and u got 2 extra cams in v40) for 200$
    If u want cheaper get g7, same CPU (sd 845) one less camera (no telephoto just normal and ultra wide) lcd instead of oled (even tho lcd it's still the best lcd ever put to a phone, it beats the budget oleds u find in these phones), a little bit smaller battery (3000vs3300) for about 150$ or less

  2. Playspeed: Set to 1.25

    Thanks me later.

    Guy takes ages to speak

  3. Dont buy LG they are trash believe me i have the G6 and the camera is garbage, slow and buggy. And sucks with games.

  4. I would consider budget for phones sub $300, 300-500 mid, 500-700 high end and 700-1000 your paying for the brand

  5. Why is the price not included for a budget phone list…. I mean the price is why you're watching

  6. How can you talk about budget phones and not include a Huawei one? The reason they've have reached at the top as a tech company is because they have specialized on delivering quality on a budget.

  7. Huawei y7.
    Great phone, battery seems to last forever. Camera is decent and an upgrade on my old y6. Screen is great and the phone seems very durable. Only gripe is the quality of sound could be better but I honestly don't think at this point there is a better phone out there. Recommended! (on sale)

  8. Number 3 should’ve been at least iPhone 7/7plus. Not the greatest specs, but definitely has a very powerful processor and decent camera for only 1-2 hundred today

  9. I think the budget price range should be from $100-$300 USD. So the options in this category are the Moto E6=$100-150, Moto G7 Play= $150-$200, Moto G7 Power= $200-$250, Moto G7=$250-$300, the LG K40 =~$150, LG Stylo 5= $180-$250, the Nokia 2.3=$120-$140, Nokia 3.2=$130-$150, the Nokia 4.2=$140-$180, Nokia 6.2=$200-$250, and the Nokia 7.2=$300-$350,

  10. Find a deal on a phone and plan you an afford with the phone including specs you desire most. That's all that matters. Best advice is to switch to another carrier during a holiday promotion to save the most…like I did.. Picked up a Note 10+ for 500$ when I switched.. So to everyone shipping, be patient and always ask what promo or deal is available. Good luck

  11. Why do spme youtubers leave the price out? You only specified the price of the first phone man.

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