Best Battery Settings for Android 10 | Galaxy Note 10

In this video i try to show some of the tricks i use to get the most of my battery.

Thanks for watching.
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  1. Simple and basic conclusion: do not update to android 10.

  2. Thanks for video
    I have note 10 plus ….mine gives 6 hrs of screen time after 2 hrs of PUBG and 3 hrs of youtube browsing and stuff
    Lasts whole day
    Is it good??

  3. If I use my note 10 alot I get 8 hours of screen on time, worst case scenario is 5 hours

  4. I have an S9 simple with android 9. Today I receive android 10..should I install it or not?

  5. Will this work on the regular S10 model because I am thinking to get it but afraid of the small battery size.

  6. Also turn of dolby atmos when you do not need it. Becouse the speakers use more Battery when its turned on. And. If you are at home and you are charging your phone and you are not in a hurry. I sugest switch of fast charging in the settings. I noticed. That my note 10plus lasts around a hour longer when i charge it with slow charging.

  7. I did not know about the location permisions. I now set al my app to allow only when app is in use. I actually learned something new you earned a sub

  8. I myself have the note 10 plus and i noticed your phone lost 1% of battery in 4 minutes of basic use. My phone loses 1% every 5 minutes when playing games. And it takes a full 7 to 8 minutes for it to lose 1% during basic use. Dam the diference in battery life is Really big between the regular and the plus model

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