Best Android Tips and Tricks for New and Old Users – Your Questions my Answers

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—Home Screen & Themes—
ADW Launcher EX 0:57
iKaNDee theme for CM7 1:10

—-Root Help?—
Rooting 1:30

Taking off defaults 2:08
SwipePAd 2:18
Clear Defaults 2:37
Don’t clear your data 3:25
Moving Apps to SD 3:34
Uninstall Apps & force Stop 3:44

—Soft Keys Buttons—
Secret Hold down Functions 3:50
Ultimate Favs Pro 4:27

—-Keyboard Changing—
keyboard settings 5:03
SwiftKey X keyboard…


  1. Just got my samsung galaxy note 3 (switching from iPhone 5) and I found this very helpful!! Since i've used iPhones since the 3GS I have no clue about android xD

  2. please help !!! how can i put ultimate faves pro on mu home screen as widget ? when i select in within widgets it keeps telling me to choose an icon then nothing appears !!! ( i have version

  3. Download the app JunoWallet if u want free EBay PSN Xbox or GameStop giftcards it actually works I've gotten $30 worth of iTunes giftcards off it already and use my invite code (JK181020) to get bonus money to start off with.

  4. I love the cranagon mod you can OC with it after you've rooted phone 1st Class Vid man keep um coming ! lol

  5. i noticed that youre using the handscent sms app also… i was wondering are you having problems on sending out a text pic through that app? cause i am.. and i do have my wifi or 3g turn on…

  6. always when i am turnin on video i am turning off music but when i open your video i turn off music 😀

  7. would love you to do this exact video for the Samsung Tab 10.1. I have no idea what all my tab can do for me.

  8. hey guys I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY Y GT-S 5360. Please tell me how to root it.

  9. i have an htc hero and i have to delete texts when they reach about 200-1000 depending on how many i keep open, and one text wouldnt delete and its reached 3000+ texts and wont let me delete it and its making my phone lag alooot.. anyone else ever have this problem? if so pleeaaase respond to this or PM me.. thanks

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