Best Android Phones of early 2020

Our picks!

Galaxy S10+:

Pixel 4 XL:

OnePlus 7 Pro:…


  1. samsung galaxy s4 showed those features long ago which now pixel4 is boasting off.
    you literally skipped xperia xz4,huawei mate 30?

  2. Note 10 uses Exinoius chip. Thats a not good thing. Hopeful the next note will be snapdragon. If it is the case, I'd buy it

  3. S10 !!! Has been great for me, i Always break and abuse phones and this baby hasn't failed on me yet! At least for the last 7 months, my screen is totally scratched, dented and i've been forgetting my phone in all kinds of places. Still have it, use it, still works and i'm surprisingly pleased with it. I usually just by a new one every 3 months but the s10 has been a real surprise !! Like Seriously, I have a new oneplus but still prefer the s10 Solid smartphone !!! Good dammage control for a moron like myself

  4. Any phone equivalent to Galaxy s8? My phone has all I need and want to save money on the next best thing if the old is more than adequate.

  5. I had a Galaxy S6 and it was an ok phone but garbage battery. Currently still rocking the LG V20 which also has a garbage battery but I love the phone. I just looked up this video to see if it's worth upgrading now or if I should keep rocking this V20 until I can't stand it anymore lol.

  6. I cracked my note 8 screen and went into verizon for an upgrade today. The kid talked me into the lg. V30. Ugh 3 hours with it I feel like I pissed away $250. It's more of a downgrade than an upgrade. I'm gonna stick to my top safe choices I tend to like, choose between the pixel 4 xl and the note 10 plus since I can't afford to wait for the note 11 right now.
    But I'll look at the oneplus pro too. My phone needs are the same as they have always been but they have changed at the same time. I mean I'm still the heavy gamer and I use it for my music for the gym. My camera for travelling like my trip to Morocco. And my documents signer and other notes and such for doctors and college. But now I stream live EDM shows and radio broadcasts from oversea and do a lot more youtube watching on my phone. So I need a phone for everything now

  7. I been using s10e for 4 months. Its an excellent phone except for one thing Size that's why I'm buying oneplus 7pro

  8. Thinking about switching to android from my XS. Any phone recommendations?

  9. It really hit me when he says that with the Oneplus 7T, Oneplus is going back to its roots. Affordable flagship, amazing display and I couldn't be any happier!

  10. The two best for me are the ones I own: the s10plus and budget mid-ranger the pixal 3a XL. The best of both worlds!

  11. What about the S10 5G? It has a wider front facing camera, live focus video and 5G

  12. One plus 7 or 7T Pro is the ideal phone for me, No notch with great screen!

  13. The plus series would be awesome is its using snapdragon coz exynos sucks in battery life thats why I opted for the regular s10 instead. Its not worth extra money if its just exynos. Samsung has the best screen handsdown thats why I chose Samsung

  14. The OnePlus 7 Pro in the US is 50 dollars less than the 7T. Unless you really want a flat screen and slightly thinner screen, it’s not worth spending 50 more for the 7T

    Also S10 and Pixel 3a are beasts, all depends on what you need.

  15. Pixel for best of photography….no way not without a wide lens! I think the s10 plus / note 10 plus is best for photography this year

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