Best Android One Phones (2019) | Stock Favourites

Reviews of the best stock Android One smartphones of 2019 from Nokia and Motorola, comparing them for performance, camera tech, battery life and specs. These are my favourite Android One mobiles you can buy right now, boasting two guaranteed years of Google OS updates. From the premium Nokia 9 to budget-friendly cheap handsets under £200, there’s something for everyone.

Motorola’s new One Vision has just been launched, as an alternative to the Moto One – you can check out my review right…


  1. Hi just got a nokia android one 3.2 very cheap and it seems good it has a massive screen which is good for my eyes and a large battery, its better than the samsung i tried before i recommend nokia for great value.

  2. I have nokia 7 plus but my charging port was damaged and then the guy repairing it destroyed the display and i am fucked now

  3. Can we have an update video on this, including all the recent additions to the Android One handsets? This could include all Android One handsets that have come out till, maybe, end of December 2019? That would be wonderful. I plan to get one of the sets recommended in that video, so it will be extra useful for people like me, who like to change handsets in January every year, or every alternate year.

  4. But they get updates slowly tho. I mean,S10 got it faster. And we know how Samsung is slow with updates.

  5. I love this channel because it genuinely cares for users of budget handsets. Keep it up good sir

  6. I'm a new subscriber, and it's great to hear reviews from someone in the uk….with a lovely Geordie accent? Love your sense of humour too. Just wish you would take a breath every so often!!! Lol I'm a technophobe, who still uses a non smartphone Nokia 6300, and I'm "trying" to make sense of all this tech-speak, with the thought of buying a mid priced smartphone.

  7. Please answer my question that I cannot find in Google search engine.why Nokia 6 (2017) has DOBLY ATMOS for sound? whereas no other models of Nokia android released next, uptill now has No DOlBy ATMOS in them. Kindly answer me.

  8. What my brain says: nokia 7.1
    What my heart says: nokia 9 pureview
    What my friends say: nokia 3310
    What my wallet says: nokia 4.2
    Edit: im a bit richer now yaaaayy

  9. I had the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, great phone, but I has a dipshit and dropped it in the driveway and it broke 🙁
    Now, I have the Xiaomi Mi A3 and I love it as well, maybe even more. I've only had it for 24 hours so time will tell

  10. i have nokia 6.1 and nokia 7.1 great phones, great to be on android one great quality phones great security and soft ware updates

  11. Android One is the best choice, and I commend Nokia for choosing it. Finally a maker who understands what's best.

  12. More video on compact phones plz phone conpanies have gone crazy! not everyone can walk around with a tablet in there pocket!

  13. And Nokia 9 Pureview still easily be forgotten. Well, a recommendation to Android One device is so rare. Great content, bro.

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