Best Android Apps to use while Stuck at Home!

Give Dashlane a try for free on your first device at Also, use promo code “howtomen” for a 10% discount for the premium version!
➨ National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website:

➨ HowToMen en Espanol

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  1. don`t need to see you … are ugly and light don`t help you ….learn to film you

  2. Kudos for #Product Hunt…i have been following their website for ages and i got to say tht it is allways full of surprises…i have found great apps and web derived services

  3. I suggest Droidcam if you need a webcam but only have an android phone

  4. Thanks for the PSA at the end. I always enjoy your vids and that was icing on the cake! SUBSCRIBED!!!

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